Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 26th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 26th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 26th October 2023 episode starts with Adi and Kavya running away from the furious villagers who chase them violently.

Adi spots a narrow corridor in one of the buildings and stands inside the passage while hugging and guarding Kavya by himself when Kavya holds his shirt tightly.

The villagers do not stop to look around and go straight to hunt their targets which leaves Adi and Kavya a bit relieved as they get saved from being killed.

Adi asks Kavya why she has to be the truthful hero in all situations as they almost lost their lives due to her extreme honesty.

Kavya asks Adi to leave if he feels that much irritated with her but Adi says he can never leave without taking her with him.

As Adi and Kavya sneak around the houses carefully so that they can get out of that area, Kavya whimpers in pain as she touches her scraped elbow.

Adi stares at Kavya's wound and melodramatically reacts to show the sarcasm inside him after which he tells Kavya that she will not die from that wound.

Kavya rolls her eyes in frustration and tells Adi that she never said that she will die from that wound after which both start their bantering.

He tells Kavya that she should be thankful to him as he saved her life from getting killed at the hands of the villagers.

Kavya says that she would have handled herself on her own which makes Adi laugh and he says that no sign of Kavya would be found later.

Seeing Adi grunt in pain as his head got hit by the bamboo stick earlier, Kavya repeats the same thing to him that he should not overreact.

Adi feels frustrated, telling Kavya that his head got thrashed with a stick as he was trying to protect her after which they get dragged into a house by a lady.

Kavya and Adi are left confused and they ask the lady why she is helping them suddenly, to which the lady replies that she has humanity in her and can see that they are getting chased because they love each other.

Adi says that they are great lovers which leaves Kavya stunned and she exposes their true identities of being government officers.

As the lady asks Kavya and Adi why they are being chased by the villagers, Kavya reveals her full name and tells the lady that she is Navya Bansal's younger sister.

The lady sits in shock when Adi and Kavya notice that she is pregnant after which they propose to leave the house but the lady asks them to stay there.

Adi asks Kavya why she needs to utter the truth everywhere, making Kavya reply that they should be hopeful that humanity and positivity are still there in people.

However, the lady comes out with a rifle which shocks Adi and Kavya but she tells them that it is for their protection from the villagers.

The lady talks with her husband on the phone who turns out to be the watchman and he reminds her that Kavya is the killer's sister who killed their child.

Meanwhile, Anjali calls Malini so that she can call Adi and know Kavya's status as she is not picking up her phone.

Malini hears Giriraj scolding Omi on the phone regarding Kavya and Adi which makes her anxious about the whole situation.

After the lady offers food to Kavya and Adi, Kavya acts like dying which scares Adi but the whole act turns out to be a prank after which Kavya feeds Adi herself.

Anjali calls Shubh, asking him to talk to Jaydeep about Kavya while Adi asks Kavya if she still misses her ex-fiancé.

Kavya says that she still has feelings for Shubh which makes Adi feel uncomfortable in his chest.

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