Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 27th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 27th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 27th October 2023 episode starts with Kavya and Adi preparing to sleep as they lay mattresses on the floor.

Kavya notices Adi wincing in pain while he kneels down and brings the turmeric paste to him so that she can apply it.

Adi stares into Kavya's eyes as she applies the paste with gentle hands and comes closer to Adi's face creating an intimate moment between them.

However, both Adi and Kavya come to their senses pretty soon after which Kavya sleeps on the bed and Adi proceeds to close his eyes while lying on the floor.

Kavya remembers the earlier incident of violence and comes to Adi after which she holds onto Adi's shirt and sleeps beside him.

Kavya tells Adi that she does not want to get hurt due to love again but Adi does not hear it as he is fast asleep and later notices Kavya sleeping beside him.

The lady locks the door of the room where Kavya and Adi are after which she calls her husband and asks him when he is going on to come back home.

Meanwhile, Jaydeep asks the manager to call the police but midway gets a call from Giriraj who stops Jaydeep from informing the police as they are already under the radar after the previous media incident.

Giriraj says that Adhiraj will get trapped with Kavya in this case and asks Jaydeep to handle the situation under cover as they cannot risk it by letting the media know.

Jaydeep agrees and asks the manager to leave after which the manager gets caught by the other OTs who start inquiring him about Adhiraj and Kavya.

Malini tells Giriraj that they should inform Kavya's parents but Giriraj says that he does not want to stretch the matter as Adi will not get ticket for elections if his name gets soiled.

The manager says that he does not know anything but after Karan and Sanjeev threaten him a bit, he reveals that Kavya and Adi are missing after they got attacked by the villagers.

Elsewhere, Kavya's sleep gets disturbed as she hears loud bangs on the door of the house after which she notices the door of their room locked and the lady's husband to be the watchman.

Kavya wakes up Adi at once and tells him that the watchman hates her and they need to escape from the house quickly.

Adi and Kavya get ready to attack with weapons when the lady enters and asks them not to misunderstand the situation.

She suggests Kavya and Adi run to their living quarters as it is near while Kavya asks the lady why she is helping them against her husband.

The lady tells Kavya and Adi that Navya was the doctor who did the delivery of her first child and took special care of the infant as it was underweight.

Kavya gets emotional as the lady says that her child is not alive at present but the lady says that she trusts Navya and knows that she had not done anything intentionally.

Adi and Kavya are shocked to hear the lady who tells them that she has lost three children due to the lack of hospital in the hospital after which they promise to reopen the hospital.

However, as Kavya and Adi come out of the house with the lady, the villagers surround them and the watchman starts beating up his wife.

Kavya tries to stop the watchman while the villagers beat up Adi cruelly after which Kavya takes a torch in her hand and scares everyone to stay away.

Omi comes there to save the day and asks the villagers to go home with his gun after which Adi introduces Kavya and Omi to each other.

Later, Omi calls Giriraj and tells him that Adi is falling in love with Kavya making Giriraj angry as Kavya should not be around Adi at all.

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