Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 27th September 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 27th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 27th September 2023 episode starts with Anjali asking Kavya what she has planned to tell Shubh about the matter and his condition.

Anjali says that all relationships are not fulfilled by independent thinking like hers and that women always need to make small adjustments to make a relationship work out.

Kavya tries to convince Anjali by saying that Shubh did not give her any choice other than to leave her dream which is not something handy to abandon it.

All of them hear the sounds of carpentry and come outside to see Rajeev hammering Kavya's nameplate under his own with IAS written after her name.

Kavya asks Rajeev why he needs to do such extreme things to which Rajeev says that he has always wanted his children to shine brightest in the world and now he can rest peacefully to be known by his daughter's fame.

Rajeev tells Kavya how he got the phone call of the head of the electricity department that morning who congratulated him for Kavya's success even though he has not exchanged words with Rajeev even twice.

Kavya feels proud to hear all that and tells Anjali that the IAS dream does not only belong to her but to their entire family.

Anjali reminds Kavya that Rajeev had a dream for Navya too when she was small which cost them their eldest daughter forever.

The gloomy atmosphere gets interrupted by the entry of two people who come to congratulate Kavya with flowers and sweets and Rajeev shows them the way to inside the house gratefully.

Suddenly, Kavya gets a notification on her phone and starts jumping around in happiness after which she reveals that the age limit for the IAS exam has been extended to one more year which will be good for Shubh.

Kavya calls Shubh and tells him the good news after which she asks if he will come to the function of Minister Giriraj to which Shubh agrees as his mood gets better.

Gauri comes to inform Shubh about the same news and Shubh tells her that God must have heard Kavya's pleadings and opened up a solution.

Later, Kavya and her family arrive at the function venue and Kavya gets to sit in the front as she will be receiving an award of honour from the minister himself.

As Kavya sits on the chair, it breaks but a man holds her from falling and says that the chairs must have rusted by being used to carry nothing after which he leaves.

Kavya wonders who the man could be after which the minister encourages women to make more development of their country and award every candidate who has been chosen.

After receiving the award, Kavya asks if she can say a few words and thanks her parents, her Guru, and Shubh for always supporting her.

A reporter recognizes Shubh and asks if he did not pass for a few numbers after which Shubh comes out and tells the reporters that Kavya will leave her seat for one year so that they can go to the academy together.

Mayank tells Shubh that he cannot bear that a girl is more talented than him which triggers Shubh and they start fighting with each other.

Kavya, her parents, and Gauri separate the two boys after which Kavya gets to know about Shubh's statement and confronts him about it.

Shubh says that he has made the right statement which stuns Kavya and she watches Shubh stepping on her sister's watch without any hesitation.

However, Kavya asks Mayank to say sorry to Shubh for his mistake which Mayank obeys resistantly but Kavya tells Shubh that their discussion is not over.

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