Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 28th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 28th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 28th November 2023 episode starts with Shubh asking the watchman and his wife to give their blessings to him and Kavya.

Shubh says that the priest has even decided the date of the marriage which leaves Adi heartbroken but he continues to fake his smile.

Adi decides to leave after which Kavya comes inside the house and asks everyone how they can just pick up a date without consulting her.

Gauri congratulates Kavya for the wedding next month and says that she did not waste a bit of time as their priest has come from Kanpur.

Kavya turns to Shubh and reminds him about the conversation that they had earlier where she clearly stated that she does not love him anymore and will not marry him.

Shubh stands silent and asks Kavya to forget those nonsensical things but Kavya says that she is not ready for the marriage.

Just then, Jaydeep and Rajeev enter the house together and Kavya tells Rajeev about the date getting fixed without her consent when she does not want to marry Shubh.

Gauri gets frustrated and asks Kavya why she changed her mind when she agreed to the marriage in front of everyone and Kavya reveals that she had not said yes to anything.

Jaydeep says that no one will pressure Kavya and she should be the one to decide when she wants to marry and to whom, which leaves everyone shocked.

Kavya feels grateful toward Jaydeep while Shubh asks Kavya to reveal the reason why she does not want to marry, leaving Kavya in an awkward place.

Shubh tells Rajeev to ask Kavya why she has changed her mind and Kavya diverts the conversation as she is still not ready to reveal that she is in love with Adhiraj.

Amid all this chaos, Jaydeep falls to the floor with a thud and shocks everyone after which Shubh says that Kavya is the reason behind Jaydeep's condition.

Everyone takes Jaydeep to the hospital while the watchman and his wife discuss how Shubh blamed Adi for his self-inflicted injury and got him suspended.

The watchman decides that he cannot let Kavya live her life with such a guy and comes to the hospital after discovering that Jaydeep has been admitted.

Thinking of Gauri as Kavya's mother, the watchman reveals the whole story of Basantkhedi to her and advices not to let Kavya marry Shubh.

Gauri talks to Shubh about the matter while Adi comes to the hospital after Mayank calls him and Kavya hugs him instantly for comfort.

Anjali overhears Gauri and Shubh's conversation about the truth and decides to tell it to Rajeev but Gauri manipulates her.

Meanwhile, Shubh starts a fight with Adi and Sanjeev as they wish to meet Jaydeep after which Rajeev gets pushed off by mistake and Adi gets blamed for it.

Adi leaves from there after Rajeev insults him for being dirty blooded and corrupted which makes Kavya feel bad.

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