Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 29th September 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 29th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 29th September 2023 episode starts with Kavya leaving for the station and asking the driver to take the less crowded route so that she can reach faster.

However, the road gets jammed with a horse cart slowing down the other vehicles on which Adhiraj sits and smiles as he enjoys the breeze in a carefree manner.

Kavya asks the horse cart to move to the side so that other vehicles can cross but Adhiraj says that people should live life with ease and not always speed up.

After the journey is complete, Kavya reaches the railway station and looks for the way to her train when Jaideep comes there and surprises her.

Kavya is happy to see her Guru there and asks him to bless her for her upcoming journey as Shubh already put conditions for her and demanded she leave her career.

Jaideep says that Shubh did not say anything wrong which shocks Kavya and he shows Kavya a video of Shubh drinking and crying about Kavya insulting and leaving him.

Kavya says that Jaideep wants her to give up her dreams for Shubh to which Jaideep replies with a yes and tells Kavya that he forgot to be a father while being proud of his student all this time.

As Jaideep says that he does not want to argue about gender issues with Kavya and tries to get her bag, Kavya tells him that she is not staying back and takes back her luggage.

Jaideep leaves after cutting off his relations with Kavya and she meets Adhiraj at the station while carrying her luggage to the train.

Meanwhile, Mayank makes cheese chilli noodles for Rajeev and Anjali as they miss Kavya and the three of them enjoy eating together.

Adhiraj tells Kavya to use a helper to carry the luggage but she says that she can carry her own things after which they get on the train with Adhiraj telling Kavya that he has become her fan after the previous night's show.

Kavya sits on a seat but Adhiraj says that she is sitting on his seat which makes Kavya lose her cool and she says that she deserves that seat as she has worked hard for that.

Adhiraj calls the TC who tells Kavya that her seat is the opposite one after which Kavya moves to her seat embarrassingly with Adhiraj settling down.

Kavya hears Adhiraj talking to a girl about breaking up which makes her think that Adhiraj is also an opportunist.

As the train does not start, Kavya gets frustrated and Adhiraj tells her that some people have stopped the train which is causing issues for the others.

Kavya comes to see the matter and confronts the people who push away the TC as he complains about halting the train for their personal issues.

Giriraj enters the scene and asks Kavya to stay out of the matter as a father is bidding goodbye to his daughter but Kavya argues that the train is a public facility.

As one of Giriraj's men gets close to Kavya, she warns him to dare to touch her as there are cameras everywhere that are recording everything.

Giriraj changes his attitude as Kavya says that people are recording the whole thing but warns her that he will remember her name in the future.

Kavya thanks Giriraj for the recognition after which Adhiraj starts clapping with everyone joining him while kavya walks out of the crowd.

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