Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 2nd November 2023 episode starts with Kavya getting worried as the night time has started and electricity has still not come back.

Kavya asks one of the wiring workers who tells her that the office staff will know about matters like those after which Kavya starts getting nervous.

As the officials will inspect the hospital the next day, Kavya says that it will be a problem if there is no electricity in the facility.

Kavya talks to Rajeev over the phone and asks him to check if the document of Basantkhedi has been processed by the people on that side.

Rajeev assures Kavya that he will look into the matter and asks the staff at his office to bring him the file of electricity permission in Basantkhedi.

Kavya sits, thinking about what she should do to ensure that the inspection goes well when she hears the villagers singing and dancing on bhajans in front of the God.

Kavya watches the doll of Ravana burn as the villagers celebrate Dusshera after which she decides to take some action.

Walking to the living quarters, Kavya wakes up Adi by throwing him to the floor from the bed which leaves Adi shocked.

Kavya asks Adi to come with her to which Adi replies that they can look at things the next day too but gets dragged out by Kavya.

Adi comes in front of the hospital when Kavya tells him that the electricity has not come back even though Adi brought the letter of approval two days ago.

He says that the power will come back eventually which makes Kavya angry and she says that she wants to see the results visible.

Kavya tries to lower her temper while Adi goes toward the building and switches on the power supply of the building, making it glow with lights.

Adi brings Kavya inside and she gets happy as the tube lights turn on inside the rooms and Adi tells Kavya that he has kept his end of the promise.

Without being able to hold onto herself, Kavya hugs Adi tightly, thanking him for whatever he has done while Adi feels his heartbeat getting fast.

The next day, Kavya, Adi, and Shubh arrive at the hospital and welcome the main sarpanch who looks a bit on edge while he looks around the building.

The sarpanch gets excited to see the lights turning on but no electricity comes when Kavya presses the switch.

Agitated by the absence of electricity, the sarpanch insults Kavya for trying to fool them into believing that they are building the hospital again.

Shubh comes forward to protect Kavya and asks the Sarpanch not to get too bold which further worsens the situation.

Kavya asks for the last day before the final verdict after which she talks to Rajeev who tells her that the grant has not come to their office in the Basantkhedi case.

Dragging Adi with her, Kavya asks him why there is no grant anywhere in the offices when he has got the permission after which she accuses Adi of planning the whole thing with Giriraj.

Kavya says that Adi is playing with her by acting like her friend while he is helping Giriraj to ensure that the hospital does not open.

Adi feels betrayed by Kavya assuming that he is insincere while Shubh also says that Adi is planning games which leads to a fight between them.

Kavya asks Shubh to leave as he has no business related to the project after which she tells Adi to stay away from her as she will finish the thing she has started.

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