Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 30th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 30th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 30th October 2023 episode starts with Jaydeep waiting for Kavya and Adi to return to their living quarters with the other OTs.

Jaydeep gives up on waiting and tells everyone to go inside as he needs to inform the police regarding the situation when suddenly Kavya and Adi walk toward them with Omi.

The OTs feel relieved to see Kavya and Adi all right while Jaydeep checks on them and asks if they are injured anywhere.

Adi replies that they are all right and says sorry for the inconvenience caused due to them which does not seem to satisfy Jaydeep a bit.

Jaydeep scolds Kavya and Adi for risking their lives and making others worry about them in such a dangerous scenario.

Kavya tells sorry to Jaydeep for what happened after which Jaydeep asks them to become fresh and eat something before they go to sleep and relax for the day.

After Jaydeep leaves, Anusha and others bring Kavya and Adi inside and start hugging them with love as they got scared hearing such a piece of news.

Sanjeev almost jumps over Adi in excitement after which Adi tells everyone that he fought numerous villagers who were trying to bully Kavya.

Adi narrates his heroic adventure to everyone saying that he beat up the villains while Kavya passed out seeing violence but Kavya starts laughing which makes everyone realize that Adi is lying.

Everyone starts to smack Adi playfully after which they share a laugh together and enjoy the night that ended on a good note.

The next day, Malini talks to Adi and asks him why he did not call her earlier after which she talks to Kavya and asks her if she is feeling all right.

Kavya tells Malini that she is fine after which she gets to know that Malini is aware of Navya's incident from Anjali.

Malini tells Kavya not to worry about Anjali and to focus on her project when Giriraj snatches the phone and tells Kavya that her project will never get finished because he is going to buy the land of the hospital.

Kavya is left shocked as Giriraj tells her that Adi also knows about that news while Omi tells Adi about Giriraj buying the land which makes Adi nervous.

After hanging up the call, Kavya asks Adi if he is aware of the fact that Giriraj is going to buy the hospital land to which Adi replies with a yes, making Kavya feel betrayed.

Just then, the manager informs the OTs about Jaydeep's arrival and they gather around Jaydeep who breaks the news that they are going back after an hour due to the danger in the village.

Kavya tells him that they cannot just run away from the trouble with which the other OTs agree and they refuse to leave the village due to fear.

Adi says that they will work together on the project when Shubh comes there and says that he has come to stand beside Kavya.

After the OTs get to know about Shubh being Kavya's boyfriend and Jaydeep's son, Payal accuses Kavya of getting special treatment but Adi tries to defend Kavya's fight and struggle.

Kavya asks Adi not to defend her after which she comes to the hospital where Shubh comes and confesses his love for her.

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