Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 31st January 2024 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 31st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 31st January 2024 episode starts with Santoo shouting to see a lizard just when Kavya is about to check the noise behind the table. 

Meanwhile, Omi uses the distraction to get out of the room while Kavya tells Santoo to talk to others and find out the person who has deleted the video. 

The next morning, Giriraj proudly tells Kavya that he has been selected by the state CM for flag hosting while Kavya congratulates him for the honour. 

In the meantime, Malini comes there and apologises to her about the debacle with Rajeev last night but Kavya tells her that she is not to be blamed. 

Elsewhere, Adi arrives at Rajeev’s house to forcibly take him to Kavya’s office with Mayank and Anjali’s help.

Kavya Calls Rajeev Her Inspiration

As Kavya arrives at the office someone asks her to bring a cup of tea. 

Before Kavya can answer, Adi arrives there telling the person to prepare tea for him as well as Rajeev, Mayank and Anjali. 

Kavya becomes happy to see Rajeev in the office and offers to show him what is happening. 

Meanwhile, Rajeev complains about being brought there forcefully. 

Kavya looks at him for a second and then tells him to come with her. 

After a while, Kavya brings her family to her new project of the deaddiction centre that she is going to start all because of his guidance all her life. 

Kavya tells her that she is still the same Kavya that she has raised and requests him to not be upset with her. 

She also tells him that she loves Adi a lot and she has added him to her life but hasn’t left him. 

Afterwards, Adi tells Rajeev that he too has a surprise for her family. 

Later, he brings her to a part of the village where he has organised a celebration and tells Kavya that today he wants to give her what she missed while marrying him hurry. 

Kavya becomes happy and invites Rajeev for a father-daughter dance. 

Rajeev cannot control his emotions anymore and hugs Kavya affectionately. 

Mayank Confronts Omi

After a while, Santoo calls Kavya and Mayank picks up her phone while Santoo tells him that it was Mohan who spiked Rajeev’s tea at Omi’s instructions. 

After a while, Kavya tells Adi that their husband-wife dance is also left. 

Meanwhile, Mayank goes to confront Omi for spiking Rajeev’s drink without telling Kavya about it. 

As Adi and Kavya dance with each other, Mayank and Omi get into a fight. 

Just then Kavya gets a call from Santoo again who informs her about Mayank being beaten by Omi. 

On the other hand, some goons come to the site of the deaddiction centre and trashes the place telling the people that there will be no Bhumi Poojan there and a new trainee will not dictate the rules of this village.

Meanwhile, Giriraj and Malini come there to stop Omi and Mayank but Mayank is hell-bent on attacking Omi. 

Just then Kavya, Adi and others also arrive there and Adi throws Mayank on the floor seeing his hand raised on Giriraj. 

On being asked, Mayank tells them that Omi has spiked Rajeev’s tea the other night. 

Everyone is shocked to hear the truth while Girirraj scolds him for being stupid. 

Meanwhile, Omi admits that he has intoxicated Rajeev and he hates Kavya and her family with passion. 

On hearing Omi's bad mouth Kavya and her family, Adi tells Omi to mind his language or he will punch him.

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