Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 3rd October 2023 episode starts with Kavya getting out of the office with Adhiraj and asking him why he didn't tell her that he ranked 9.

Adhiraj says that he does not care about such things and has come to fulfill his needs there which makes Kavya curious as to what Adhiraj dreams of.

Kavya asks Adhiraj what his dream is when suddenly a girl comes in between them and asks why they are blocking the path to the dorms.

On seeing Adhiraj, the girl says that he looks like Shah Rukh Khan which makes him smile and he does the iconic pose after throwing away the bags in his hands.

After the girl leaves, Kavya asks Adhiraj to answer her question but Adhiraj says that the girl told him her room number which will be useful later to him.

Kavya thinks Adhiraj has just come to do some sort of adventure and is not serious about his dream but his rank reminds her that he must have worked hard to get there.

Meanwhile, Rajeev and Anjali come to Jaideep's house as Gauri has called them but the servant asks them to sit outside while he goes and confirms the appointment with Gauri.

Anjali sits outside on the bench and says that they should not have called if they were busy and tells Rajeev that Shubh's family is doing all things intentionally.

Rajeev says that they should remain calm and see why they have been called after which Gauri opens the door and acts like she has not been notified that they have come outside.

Gauri says that she will surely reprimand the servants for not informing her and asks Anjali and Rajeev to sit on the sofa after which tea and snacks are brought.

As Anjali takes a sip of the tea, Gauri taunts that she cannot taste anything as the mother of a mourning son who has lost everything in his life.

Anjali and Rajeev feel uncomfortable when Gauri hands them the bills for the engagement ceremony which need to be paid as they all dance and eat without any control.

Rajeev and Anjali are shocked to see the total of 2.5 lakhs and ask Gauri from where they will bring so much money to which Gauri replies that they should have thought that before breaking the engagement.

Elsewhere, Adhiraj talks with Giriraj and thanks him for arranging his separate room in a sarcastic manner after which Giriraj says that his son should have joined politics.

Adhiraj says that he will surely pay back his father for separating a 12-year-old child from his mother which shows a flashback of a child getting dragged away from his mother.

Kavya meets two new girls and finds her roommate who is that earlier girl who asked Adhiraj to be SRK after which they get informed about the convocation in the evening.

Kavya asks the girl to wear the saree but she refuses and acts cold after which she calls Anjali to help her to wear it but Anjali tells Kavya about the bill that is being imposed on them.

Gauri and Shubh assure Kavya that she will go very far with her attitude but Kavya tells them that she has chosen her life instead of her marriage.

Shubh is left silent as Kavya asks him to give back his ring and says that the rest of the money will be paid by her salary.

After hanging up, Kavya smiles to herself feeling independent as she took her own decision while Jaideep enters the campus as the new director.

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