Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 4th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 4th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 4th October 2023 episode starts with Jaideep arriving at the CAD training centre and meeting the officials.

Miss Sinha welcomes Jaideep with a professional smile and tells him how honoured they are to have a big officer like him act like their course director.

Jaideep says that he is also looking forward to the training and asks Miss Sinha when he can meet the officer trainees.

Miss Sinha tells Jaideep that they have their convocation later in the same day which will be a great opportunity for him to meet and greet the trainees.

Meanwhile, Kavya hangs up her call with Shubh after which her roommate is impressed to see her fixing people's attitude and asks Kavya to whom she was teaching a lesson.

Kavya says that there is a guy who needs to be taught manners which impresses her roommate and she agrees to wear the blue saree offered by Kavya earlier.

The two girls get together and watch videos on how to wear sarees while their friendship starts to blossom.

Later, everyone gets ready in their formal attires and heads toward the auditorium for the convocation when Kavya sees her goal getting closer while Adhiraj also comes around and smiles at Kavya.

However, Kavya spots a peon looking at his phone in distress and asks him if he is having any problem.

The peon says that his financial matters are not something that Kavya needs to worry about and softly asks her to go inside the auditorium for the function.

Kavya thinks about her mission for which she is becoming an IAS officer but gets dragged inside by one of the other trainees as the auditorium will be closed after a certain point.

As Kavya enters, she gets fascinated to see the grand setup and smiles realizing how she has worked to be there and fulfil her purpose.

However, Kavya spots Navya sitting on one of the seats and staring at her which reminds Kavya of why she decided to become an IAS officer in the first place.

Adhiraj asks Kavya how she is feeling after reaching her dream, to which Kavya replies that she has only reached the means after which she leaves the auditorium and comes out.

Adhiraj calls his mother and tells her that he is going to fulfil her dream which she could not achieve despite being rank 10 in her time.

Kavya hears the peon talking to his daughter and asks him how she can help him after which the old man tells Kavya that he wishes his daughter to study in a big school near the training centre but the school has said that he needs to pay the fees of the whole year in one go.

After Kavya talks to the school and tries to convince the principal that it is not fair for them to make such rules, Miss Sinha comes and asks Kavya to return to the auditorium instantly.

Kavya asks Miss Sinha if they can help the old man in some way but Miss Sinha reminds Kavya that she is there to learn.

However, Miss Sinha helps Kavya by providing her information after which Kavya talks to the school on legal terms and convinces them to change their decision.

Jaideep arrives backstage and asks the staff to shut down the auditorium after he hears that Kavya has not reached yet.

Kavya rushes to get inside but gets locked out as the doors shut on her face but Adhiraj comes to her rescue and opens the door for her.

After entering, Kavya bumps into the wiring and falls after which she is stunned to see Jaideep standing on the stage.

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