Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 6th February 2024 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 6th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 6th February 2024 episode starts with Adi asking everyone if anyone has seen how this fire is happening.

As Alka tells Omi and Giriraj that she has seen them here, Omi gets alert and takes her away saying that she is talking nonsense. 

Meanwhile, Adi recalls his promise to Rajeev about finding Navya’s truth. 

Meanwhile, Omi scolds Alka for speaking out of turn and is about to slap her when Kavya comes there and warns him not to raise his hand on Alka or he will have answer to her.

Meanwhile, Alka tells her that she is hearing all this because she is the reason behind it. 

After a while, Kavya brings a cutout from outside and lots of Balloons to Alka’s room. 

Kavya tells Alka to take out her anger on the cutout so all her anger can vanish. 

Alka does as she says and also tells the cutout that unlike her Kavya’s husband loves her and will one day soon she will be a mother but not her. 

Afterwards, Alka tells Kavya that she feels lighter now while Kavya presents her with a Sari and tells her that they are a pair made in heaven just like all the Jodi and it is up to them how to build this relationship.

Just then Santu tells Kavya that all the guests have arrived and asks her to come soon. 

Meanwhile, Adi shows off Kavya’s gold medal to all his guests and welcomes Kavya with a pomp. 

The guest also joins in and claps for Kavya while Giriraj watches everything with distaste. 

Just then Rajeev, Anjali, and Mayank also come there and Kavya hugs them. 

Adi thanks Rajeev for coming there while Rajeev tells him that he has come here for Kavya only and asks him if has made any progress in Navya’s case while Adi wonders how to tell Rajeev about Navya’s file. 

After a while, Kavya tells her family that she is going to reopen Navya’s case as her first step as an IAS officer. 

She tells them that she has seen Rajeev run from office to office trying to prove Navya’s innocence and asking them to investigate the matter but all he found were shut doors.

She tells him that she will turn the world upside down to find evidence for Navya’s innocence and get justice for her. 

Meanwhile, Giriraj and Omi are shocked to hear the announcement Omi suffers a panic attack and runs inside. 

Meanwhile, Giriraj comes there and tells him to compose himself and come out. 

After the veneration, Adi hangs Kavya’s medal on the wall while Kavya also brings Adi’s famous article in a frame and hangs it beside her gold medal. 

After that, everyone starts the celebration by dancing with each other. 

Omi taunts Giriraj for enjoying his misery while Giriraj asks him if he wants him to beg Kavya. 

However, Omi tells him that he does not have to do anything for him whether he lives or dies he will always have his favorite son with him. 

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