Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 6th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 6th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 6th November 2023 episode starts with Giriraj asking Kavya to address the crowd gathered there as she has been the main person who has worked to open the hospital.

Kavya stands in front of the mic and tells the villagers that she and her family have been waiting eagerly for that day to come as they also lost someone dear to them years ago.

Rajeev and Anjali get emotional as they hear Kavya talking about her elder sister, Navya who was a doctor at that hospital and got accused to use fake medicine which caused many deaths.

Kavya tells the villagers that Navya and her teammates were very sincere and knew what value their works hold which is why they are the people who should be burdened with such a big accusation.

Kavya says that she is proud to say that Navya is her sister and asks Navya if she is happy to see the hospital getting reopened once again after so many years.

As Giriraj says that they should proceed toward the inauguration of the hospital, Adhiraj asks Giriraj to give this opportunity to the woman who has made the job possible as Giriraj always talks about women empowerment.

Giriraj gets silent after which Kavya comes to the entry point of the hospital and cuts the red ribbon while Navya stands beside her with a proud expression.

As Kavya loses her balance a bit, both Adi and Shubh catch her at the same time which catches Giriraj's attention.

He asks Omi why he did not tell him about this love triangle situation after which Omi tells Giriraj that Shubh is Jaydeep's son who was engaged to Kavya.

Giriraj gets fascinated and asks Omi to follow his lead as they need Adi in their political party as soon as possible.

Later, Omi spots Shubh holding his arm which got scratched by brushing against the nail on the door, and asks Shubh to use his wound to remove Adi from his path.

Shubh understands what Omi is trying to say comes to Adhiraj while he stands with a sad face thinking about Kavya's harsh comments.

Adhiraj asks Shubh to leave as he does not want to see his face but Shubh starts gaslighting Adi by pushing him until Adi gets violent.

Both the men start physically fighting with each other and Shubh gets on top of Adi grabbing a sharp piece of marble.

However, as Shubh notices Jaydeep, Giriraj, Kavya, and others coming in that direction, he acts like a victim while Adi takes that marble and proceeds to attack Shubh.

Jaydeep stops Adi and tells him that all discussion regarding the fight will be done once they reach the academy while Shubh shows them his arm wound and says that Adi has done it.

After reaching the academy, Jaydeep talks to both Adi and Shubh while Giriraj is also present there.

Adi says that Shubh was the person who attacked him first but Jaydeep reveals that he has heard that Adi has tried to attack Shubh earlier too.

Kavya comes into the room as a witness and tells everyone that Adi is the person who had tried to attack and injure Shubh in the past too which makes Jaydeep announce that Adi is suspended from the academy till it is proved that he has not done anything.

Adi stares at Kavya as she stands with Shubh and feels betrayed as Kavya decides not to trust him one bit even after their good friendship.

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