Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 6th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 6th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 6th October 2023 episode starts with Jaideep telling Kavya that as her uncle, she will not be able to do it because she has not been able to overcome her trauma of her sister.

He tells her to see how other OTs are not getting affected and suggests that she take a break.

She sheds a tear recalling how Shubh had told her to take EOL and tells Jaideep that her teacher taught her to not measure someone by their age but their experience.

He tells her that she has her decision and suggests as she is leaving telling her that she can take back her application from the rural field as there are only twenty-four hours left for the report.

She turns back to look at him and says that he will get the report on his desk in twenty-hour hours as her teacher did not teach her to lose.

As she exits, she bumps into Adhiraj who tries to flirt with her.

However, she behaves rudely with him and walks away as Adiraj starts conversing with Sanjeev.

Just then, Adiraj gets a call from Giriraj telling him to return home as there is a Party meeting.

However, Adiraj tells him to continue his work without him and gets sympathy votes for him being away.

At night, Kavya calls her father in distress but hides it hearing her mother worried for her.

Meanwhile, Payal slips due to Kavya's wet towel and blames her for it while Kavya's phone rings due to Shubh calling.

Payal talks to him rudely while Kavya takes the phone from her and goes outside to talk to him.

She tells him that she misses him while he starts arguing with her for being rude to Jaideep and reveals to her that he had chosen Basankhedi on purpose.

Kavya cries telling him how she had put him on top of her list but he is bringing himself down by his words and disconnects the call.

As she tries to go back inside, she realizes that Payal has locked the door and gets angry.

She leaves and finds an empty room as she drinks water and calms down her anxiety before going to sleep on the bed.

Meanwhile, Giriraj calls Jaideep and asks him about sending the OTs to Basantkhedi and suggests he take Adiraj too if he is qualified.

Jaideep is surprised to realize that Adiraj is Giriraj's son.

Back in the room, Adiraj/Adi goes to sleep and gets shocked when he sees that a girl is in his bed.

He turns on the light and rushes to wake up Sanjeev while they check on the girl and confirm that she is alive.

Adi tries to get his help but Sanjeev rushes back to his bed and goes to sleep while Adi wonders what to do when he goes to the other side of the bed and sees that the girl is none other than Kavya.

He tries to wake her up but she holds his hand in sleep and tells him to not leave her addressing him as her father.

Giriraj tells Jaydeep that he will be very happy if Adi gets to go to Basantkhedi and Jai happily states that he'll see what he can do.

In the room, Adi hears Kavya promise her father in sleep that she will not back down and will overcome Basantkhedi.

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