Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 8th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 8th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 8th November 2023 episode starts with Kavya telling Anjali that she cannot just forgive Shubh knowing how he broke her heart in the past without any hesitation.

Kavya says that she is not that foolish to give away her heart to him once again so that he can repeat the same thing he did earlier and play with her feelings.

Anjali gets silent on hearing Kavya's words and justifies the situation by saying that men are like that only and she will not find a man who would openly support her.

Kavya remembers Adhiraj and how he used to stand beside her in every situation, no matter how the reaction of others would have been.

Meanwhile, Adhiraj tells Malini that he will forget about Kavya and will not look back anymore which makes Malini smile.

Malini says that she will not bear if Adi later talks about Kavya to her and Adi says that he is permanently removing Kavya from his memories from now on as she chose not to believe in him.

As Malini asks Adi to eat with her, he acts a bit rude and tells her to eat by herself as he does not want to eat at that moment.

However, as Malini is walking out of the room, Adi realize how badly he has behaved and apologizes to Malini telling her that he is sorry for coming off as rude.

Adi tells Malini that he is happy to come back to his mother as she has always been his safe place.

After Malini leaves, Adi starts seeing Kavya who comes in his room and stares at him while he is not wearing a shirt, leaving him flustered.

Adi hurries over to wear a shirt and asks Kavya qhy she has come to him when she has decided that he is the offender.

Kavya, on the other hand, sees Adhiraj and tells him to go away as she does not want to see him but Adhiraj tells her that he was there with her whenever she needed support but he found her standing at a distance when it was her turn.

Kavya says that Adhiraj has committed a mistake and she cannot lie about that to which Adhiraj asks her how she is so sure about that.

While talking, Kavya accidentally confesses that she has started liking Adi which leaves her surprised.

Both Kavya and Adi start seeing each other everywhere in their houses amid their families and try to get a hold of them.

Giriraj cooks for Adi and calls Omi an obedient monkey which leaves Omi feeling insulted and he shows the papers from the electricity department which will ruin Rajeev's life.

Meanwhile, Gauri agrees for Shubh and Kavya's marriage and tells Jaydeep that she has no objection from it.

Kavya searches for Navya's coat and stethoscope to gift Rajeev but the packet ends up in Adi's bag when he opens it.

Adi talks to Sanjeev and Kavya talks to Anusha and tell them that they hate each other very much.

However, Adi again appears in Kavya's mind and she starts chasing him around the house to erase him from her memory. 

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