Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 9th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya Ek jazba Ek Junoon 9th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Kavya Ek Jazba Ek Junoon 9th November 2023 episode starts with Giriraj showing a bundle of money to Omi and telling him that they need to use a bomb fof the impact that they wish to see.

Omi says that they do not need to go to such extreme measures as he showed the report to Giriraj regarding the corruption blunder going on in Rajeev's family which extends upto 48 lakh rupees.

However, Giriraj says that they need to ensure that the bomb goes off with the maximum damage which is why they need to play theifnest cards.

Giriraj tells Omi that the matter will get more scandalous when Kavya's father will go to jail leading to Rajeev getting uprooted from beneath.

Omi claps on hearing Giriraj's plan while Giriraj asks him to think about how they will get the money into the Bansal household without letting anyone know about them.

Meanwhile, Rajeev talks with one of his superiors at home and promises to do his work without any written request which leaves Kavya a bit worried.

Kavya tells Rajeev not to listen to just verbal promises and instead work in the system he is supposed to but Rajeev assures Kavya that it is all right as he trusts that man.

Rajeev asks Kavya not to worry about those things and instead asks her to show the gift she has brought for him.

Kavya shows Navya's coat and stethoscope to Rajeev which makes him emotional and he recalls the time when he brought them for Navya.

Rajeev talks about how Navya was angry at him for bringing such expensive stuff when they already have a study loan to pay back.

Kavya apologizes to Rajeev as she has forgotten to bring the coat with her and promises to bring it the next time.

Elsewhere, Adi talks to Kavya and asks her why she did not trust him when he needed her the modt as his friend.

Adi says that Kavya has devalued the bond of friendship and stares at Navya's coat in anger thinking why that thing ended up in his bag of all places.

Malini spots Adi talking to himself and feels curious when Adi says that Kavya is responsible for his situation.

Adi says that he is not sad but angry as he has lost his growth in one chance due to Kavya.

Malini places Adi's hand on his heart and tells him that Kavya has entered there as she has seen him behaving like this only in rare occasions when he has lost someone or something that he loved.

As Malini asks Adi to return the coat to Kavya as it is his duty, Giriraj hears that and tells Omi that they have found s way to transport the money into Rajeev's house.

At night, Omi keeps the money inside the coat packet while Adi is asleep.

The next day, Giriraj grins as he watches Adi leave to return the packet to Kavya.

Kavya stands outside her house while Anjali and others argue about Shubh getting a second chance by Kavya for marriage.

Adi comes and Kavya thinks that she is imagining things after which she comes to realization and asks Adi to leave.

Adi says that he has come to return something when Shubh comes there and tells Adi to get lost while pushing him.

Shubh and Adi get into a fight again and the bag containing the packet lands on a truck after which Adi runs after it to get the bag back with Kavya going after him.

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