Keh Doon Tumhein 4th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Keh Doon Tumhein 4th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today's Keh Doon Tumhein 4th September 2023 episode starts with a person relishing his meal, singing and dancing to his own tune while having lunch in the shadowy thick woodland.

Just then, he receives a call from someone who questions him if he has completed the task or not and if he took the ring, changing the forest man’s face pale and he immediately starts digging the sand just like a dog.

As the person’s digging gets deeper, the hand of a woman appears from inside and the forest man casually takes out the ring off her finger, burying the hand again.

Kirti is leaving Bhopal

A few days ago, in the library, Kirti gave everyone her self-written book for free when the owner suggested selling these books to a recycler since she’d get some money out of them at least. 

However, Kirti refuses and gives her wedding album to the recycler stating that things that mess up everything in your life should be given up.

Kirti gets 25 rupees in return for her blood-demanding album when her son, Puru appears there requesting for ice-cream.

Kirti agrees with him for an ice cream party since it’s their last day in Bhopal.

Further, Kirti talks to her best friend Anju on call who mentions that Kirti should stay with her.

Kirti refuses as she doesn’t want to meddle between her and her boyfriend while Anju starts praising her boyfriend, Mr. Dashing.

Vikrant as Mr Dashing 

On the other hand, Vikrant teaches in a school with a charming personality, making every girl fond of him.

When he gets stopped by needy parents, asking for a seat in the school, the female teacher with Vikrant reveals that she already gave the seat to the MLA’s nephew.

Vikrant immediately calls the MLA of Panchghati and informs him softly about the school giving the seat to a deserving student rather than his nephew.

Elsewhere, Kirti reaches Panchghati and calls Anju to inform her about the same when Anju suggests she find a cab since it’s tough to get one in the dark.

At the same time, Vikrant hugs Anju from behind when Anju smirks at him, complaining about him keeping their relationship so confidential that she can’t even tell her best friend about it.

Back at the bus stop, Kirti looks out for a cab when a cab driver suggests that Bittu will take her to her destination while another person complains to him about suggesting Bittu despite his low character.

Just then, Kirti reaches him and enquires him about the fare to her destination, spotting Bittu looking at her with hawk eyes.

However, Kirti buys guava for Puru and demands extra red chilli powder by saying, that some people lose control of their eyes so it’ll help in fixing their eyeballs.

Back at Anju’s house, Vikrant surprises Anju with a ring, leaving Anju’s eyes wide open in shock while Anju starts jumping like a baby.

She states that from tomorrow onwards she’ll not call him Sarkar like others in school, rather she’ll call him Vikrant and will disclose their relationship in front of everyone.

Kirti spots blood 

Elsewhere, on the deserted highway, Bittu’s car stops and he opens the sunbonnet of the car but Kirti gets no reply for so long.

She decides to check herself and takes the red chilli powder with her. 

Kirti spots blood dripping from the hood of the car when she is about to open the hood to check herself, that’s when Bittu appears there.

Just then, she receives a call from her Buaji and Kirti asks her to send the address of her house.

Vikrant hides something

At Buaji's house, Dadi has her private crate when a thief enters and attempts to steal the crate but fails to as everyone starts yelling at him and he runs away.

Buaji’s son, Shresh informs Vikrant about the thief as they are neighbours when Vikrant doesn’t allow Shresh to enter his house and tells him that he’ll check himself.

However, Kirti finally reaches her destination when Bittu hits a man who suddenly appears in front of the car, Kirti is shocked to learn that it’s her Fufaji.

Fufaji starts yelling in pain when his whole family gathers and Vikrant also comes out when Kirti has a moment of eye contact with him and both nod their heads, expressing the greeting from both ends.

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