Keh Doon Tumhein 5th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Keh Doon Tumhein 5th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Today's Keh Doon Tumhein 5th September 2023 episode starts with 

The episode starts with Kirti apologising to her buaji for the accident with fufaji since she came in the same cab that hit him.

Bua ji stops her from apologizing and mocks that her fufaji is habitual of falling.

Sudhakar was the thief

Bua ji appreciates Kirti for taking the utmost care of her son despite being a single mom and Kirti reveals that she has to do it no matter what since she’s Puru’s whole family.

Meanwhile, fufaji starts yelling in pain in the hospital ward when Kirti and buaji rush to look out for him, buaji still mocking his husband for not getting mature with the passing time.

The doctor questions Sudhakar (fufaji) about the bruise on his face when Sudhakar attempts to manipulate the question while Dadi suspects.

Dadi concludes that he was the one who entered his own house as a thief since she remembers hitting the thief on his face but Sudhakar keeps refusing with his pale face.

Vikrant's handmade Necklace

On the other hand, Vikrant opens his toolbox possessing the fancy sharp tools for his evil deeds when he takes out a fancy knife and cuts a small section of Anju’s hair while her dead body is lying on the floor.

Vikrant creates a necklace that he himself has made, and it has strands of hair from all the girls he has murdered attached to it.

He tends to have a conversation with Anju’s dead body like a maniac and says that she was the best till now, commenting on her beauty with her brain but reveals that she started taking control of him.

Just then, Vikrant’s house bell rings when he spots Bittu at the door and he takes him to the same room where the dead body is.

Bittu looks excited when Vikrant gives him Anju’s phone, asking him to dispose of the phone along with the dead body while Bittu tries to fit Anju’s body in the jute bag and keeps it in his car.

Bittu drops Anju's phone

Kirti is waiting for the taxi outside the hospital with Sudhakar and Shresh when Bittu appears there and they reluctantly tell him to drop them to their destination since he was the one who hit Sudhakar.

On the way, Sudhakar keeps bothering Bittu by touching the items kept in his car when he switches on Anju’s phone and that’s when Bittu yells at him to stop behaving like a kid.

However, Bittu in a hurry drops Anju’s phone in front of the buaji’s house and leaves after dropping them.

The next morning, Kirti informs buaji about Anju’s promise that she’ll help Kirti in getting a job at the same place where she works when buaji tells her that she works in Sarkar’s school.

Kirti gets confused, questioning who Sarkar is after which buaji tells her that Vikrant Deshmukh is Sarkar and states that she can help her get Kirti a job since Vikrant is their neighbour.

Kirti's encounter with Vikrant

On the morning walk, Kirti reaches Anju’s house with buaji and Puru when they ask Anju’s neighbour about Anju but she reveals that she’s not been at home since yesterday and hasn’t been informed of anything.

Kirti gets a negative vibe due to Anju’s sudden disappearance when buaji asks her to calm down as nothing goes wrong in their city.

Elsewhere, Bittu is digging deep in a dense forest and is talking to the dead body, apologising for the small place that he has been able to dig since night and telling the body to adjust to it.

Anju warns him to take her seriously since she is stressed over Anju being lost and lashes out at the inspector for not filing the complaint for her friend.

Just then, Vikrant enters the police station and tells the inspector that a teacher from their school is missing along with 4 lakhs, revealing the name Anjali Saxena.

The name grabs Kirti’s attention when buaji tells Vikrant that Anju is her best friend while the police accuse Anju of stealing 4 lakh.

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