Keh Doon Tumhein 6th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Keh Doon Tumhein 6th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Today's Keh Doon Tumhein 6th September 2023 episode starts with a flashback of Vikrant having a psychotic conversation with Anju’s dead body and telling her a story that too about her only.

He pretends to have a both-sided conversation by replying to himself from Anju’s end to which he says to himself that the police will find Anju’s phone and he replies that he’ll make sure no one gets any evidence.

Kriti misbehaves with Vikrant

Coming back to the present, Kriti lashes out at the inspector for acting so casually and warns him that she’ll go to his senior and media too.

At the same time, Vikrant is trying to find an opportunity to snatch Anju’s phone from Puru while Puru is running here and there with the phone.

Just then, Kriti grabs Vikrant’s attention towards her as suddenly recalls Anju’s boyfriend and calls him weird in front of the inspector, requesting him to find out about him.

Kriti informs the inspector that Anju has been dating her boyfriend for just 4-5 months and that she’s getting negative vibes about her weird boyfriend when Vikrant with his hawk eyes approaches Kriti.

However, the inspector refuses Kriti once again since she’s giving incomplete information about Anju’s boyfriend while Vikrant asks the inspector to find Anju as he’s also concerned about his colleague.

Kriti intervenes and questions Vikrant’s concern towards Anju, saying that he’s only concerned about his 4 lakhs after which she scolds the inspector for only helping rich influential people like Vikrant.

Meanwhile, Buaji asks Anju to calm down as Vikrant is a good person and has even given them a house to live in, changing Kriti’s facial expression.

Just then, one of the police staff advises to check Anjali’s call logs as they can easily track who was the last person she talked to while Vikrant tells himself how complicated this matter has become.

Vikrant punishes Bittu

While leaving the hospital, Puru teases Vikrant for not being able to take a phone from him when Vikrant gets instigated and calls Bittu asking him softly to meet him at Kilkar Road.

Further, Bittu sits in Vikrant’s car and they head somewhere when Vikrant asks him if he disposed of the phone to which Bittu excitedly nods his head and asks him to increase his payment.

Vikrant hurts him, giving him a warning not to lie to him again as it can lead to his murder too.

Bittu continues to scream in pain to which Vikrant throws him out of the car.

Kriti locks her eyes with Vikrant

On the other hand, Kriti performs a mimicry to entertain her Buaji when her Buaji looks at her with so much interest in her eyes and suddenly Kriti is about to fall but Vikrant grabs her.

They both lock their eyes with each other, their breaths caressing each other’s faces when Kriti gets back to her senses and gets awkward, thanking him for saving her.

Meanwhile, Vikrant reveals that he’s there to apologize to Kriti and mentions that she should have cared about Kriti’s sentiments when she was filing a complaint regarding her missing best friend whereas he was there to file a report for his missing 4 lakhs.

However, Kriti also apologizes to Vikrant for speaking rudely to him back in the police station when Vikrant asks her to trust him as he also wants to find Anjali as soon as possible.

Vikrant looks for the opportunity

Just then, Dadi and Sudhakar enter the house, appreciating Vikrant’s nature when Dadi informs Kriti that he has even written a book on his late father.

Sudhakar asks Kriti to show Vikrant her book, informing Vikrant about Kriti being a writer but Kriti refuses and says that her book isn’t Vikrant’s type.

Listening to this, Vikrant comments that Kriti is a mind reader when Kriti explains how she judged his personality and makes a wild guess that he must not be a fan of Romance and murder since her book is related to that.

Vikrant smirks at her and says she’s not completely correct, asking her to give him her book with a signature as he’d love to read it.

Meanwhile, Puru appears there with Anju’s phone, trying to catch the network when Vikrant spots him and starts looking for the right opportunity to take the phone but fails.

Elsewhere, one of the police staff informs the inspector about Anjali’s phone which got switched on yesterday in the same hospital where the inspector is and just then it gets switched on again as Shresh does it at home.

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