Keh Doon Tumhein 7th September 2023 Written Update

Keh Doon Tumhein 7th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Keh Doon Tumhein 7th September 2023 episode starts with Vikrant attempting to acquaint himself with Puru to fulfil his agenda.

Vikrant's encounter with the police 

He starts chatting about Aliens with Puru and then leads him to a place to confront the alien when suddenly, Vikrant vanishes, leaving Puru in a state of panic.

Puru spins around and is taken aback by the sight of Vikrant standing behind him, giving him a chilling stare with fiery eyes to which Puru gets scared and tosses his phone in the bushes, making Vikrant smirk at him.

Vikrant somehow manages to take Anju’s phone from Puru when he spots the inspector rushing towards him to which Vikrant immediately keeps the phone inside his pocket.

However, the inspector informs Vikrant about Anjali’s phone location which is showing near the house when suddenly Anju’s phone starts ringing since the constable is calling on the phone in order to find Anjali.

Vikrant makes an excuse and leaves from there when the constable advises the inspector to check at Sudhakar’s place as he is getting suspicious of Kriti.

Kriti gets upset about Dev

On the other hand, Puru misses his father and requests Kriti to return back to Bhopal as he doesn’t even have friends in Panchghati while Kriti makes him look at the brighter side and convinces him to stay there.

Further, Kriti herself gets upset about Puru’s father, Dev and expresses how toxic he was in their marriage while Buaji tries to comfort her.

Kriti mentions that she is scared about Dev coming to Panchghati in order to find them when buaji asks her to calm down and assures her that they are with Kriti no matter what.

Elsewhere, the inspector and the constable are questioning Sudhakar and Dadi about Anju and that’s when Kriti invites Dadi to taste the pakoras that she has prepared, tempting Sudhkar and the inspector.

Kriti gets to know about Puru having Anju's phone

The inspector finds it hard to resist pakoras and ends up eating in Sudhakar’s house, pretending as if he’s there for the investigation.

Meanwhile, the police suspect them of playing with Anju’s phone when Dadi reveals that playing with a phone isn’t a big deal since Puru also plays with it being a child.

This shocks Kriti since she hasn’t provided Puru with a phone to which she questions Puru and he informs her that he found the phone on a street in front of their house.

However, Vikrant overhears their conversation and panics about the same when he sits in his car and switches on the phone, deleting Anju’s pic that she clicked near his house and heading somewhere.

Meanwhile, the police get a call from the control room which informs them about Anjali’s phone location which is going out of town and the police rushes from Sudhakar’s home in order to catch the culprit.

The police chases Vikrant

The constable keeps calling on Anjali’s phone number while Vikrant chooses to ignore the calls and drives rashly on the road to escape as soon as possible when suddenly he hits a person on the bicycle.

Everyone gathers around Vikrant’s car and starts yelling at him for being blind, thinking of someone else when Vikrant gets out of the car and everyone folds their hands in order to greet him.

On the other hand, the police get notified about Anju’s phone being stopped at 300m distance from them when the constable asks the driver to increase the speed.

Vikrant is about to get in his car when he spots the police car coming towards him, Getting anxious he starts looking around here and there and opens the sun hood of the car.

He sees a truck crossing him in such a manner that he hides from the police for a while and he throws the phone on the truck and that’s when the police stop to greet Vikrant again.

However, the control room notifies them about the phone’s location going far from them when the inspector curses Anjali’s matter and leaves from there to track the location to which Vikrant smirks at him.

Later, when Vikrant reaches home, he suddenly encounters Kriti who questions him if he took any phone from Puru’s hand and this fades Vikrant’s facial expression.

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