Keh Doon Tumhein 9th September 2023 Written Update

Keh Doon Tumhein 9th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Keh Doon Tumhein 9th September 2023 episode starts with the obsessed girl sneaking into Kriti’s house secretly while Vikrant spots the obsessed girl from his window.

The obsessed girl plans against Kriti

The obsessed girl learns that Puru is begging for an ice cream from Kriti but Kriti doesn’t allow him when Puru gets stubborn about it due to his mouth-watering greed.

Puru escapes from the living room when he finds the right opportunity while the obsessed girl overhears everything.

She tells herself that whoever gets close to Vikrant, she’ll make sure that they pay the price after which, she goes and opens the main door of the house which is prone to accidents.

Puru spots the door open and swiftly moves towards the door as the truck rapidly approaches him which was already spotted by Kriti.

They are on the verge of colliding when suddenly Vikrant dashes in front of the truck, grabs Puru and throws himself onto the ground.

Kriti spots Vikrant and Puru lying on the road and rushes towards them after which she shows her gratitude towards Vikrant while scolds Puru for being notorious.

She sees Vikrant’s hand bleeding when Kriti begs him to let her take care of this while the obsessed girl, Ritu on the other side hits herself as a psycho because Vikrant got hurt due to her.

At Kriti’s house, Kriti puts a bandage on Vikrant’s hand and thanks him multiple times for saving Puru while Vikrant mocks her and makes her laugh.

In the police station, Constable, Gadool informs the inspector about Anju’s phone location traced in Ooty and adds that he has asked the police of Ooty to send the phone to Panchghati while the inspector still mocks Anjali’s plan.

Vikrant gets emotional

On the other hand, Kriti reaches Vikrant’s house with a lunch box for him and insists on serving that to him since he’s hurt when Vikrant looks at her calmly but suddenly his expression changes when Kriti sings Lag Ja Gale's song.

Vikrant instantly starts recalling his childhood when his mother used to feed him while singing this song and he gets emotional.

Meanwhile, Vikrant initiates a shayari and Kriti suddenly stops, walking towards him and completing the same shayari.

Kriti gets excited to see his interest in Malhar’s Shayari when suddenly Vikrant questions her about Anju’s boyfriend in order to get a sneak peek inside Kriti’s heart while Kriti reveals that she’ll find him anyhow.

Just then, Vikrant spots Puru at his door when he pitches the idea of coming along with Puru to his school trip tomorrow to which Kriti refuses but Vikrant uses Puru to make a deal when Kriti gets bounded and agrees to him.

Kriti goes on a trip with Vikrant

Elsewhere, Kriti goes to a shop with buaji and her daughter, Neha when Neha keeps stealing the hand accessories while Kriti gets busy with Buaji.

Further, Neha falls into the market when Kriti questions her about what’s there in her pocket to which Kriti hesitantly replies that she is diagnosed with Kleptomania while buaji scolds her.

The next day, Vikrant reaches the school with Kriti and Puru when every girl starts getting a fluttery feeling about his presence.

Vikrant follows the bus with Kriti and Puru in his car, trying to have a normal conversation with Kriti When he mentions his driving skills, Kriti adds that he must be a great driver that’s why he’s not hired staff for it.

Meanwhile, Kriti questions him about the reason behind him being unmarried, forcing Vikrant to stare at her and that’s when Kriiti apologises to him for asking a personal question.

However, Vikrant comforts her and replies to her question that he’s a kind of white and black guy who loves to be an old-school type but he hasn’t found anyone right for him yet.

He mentions that he can’t tolerate someone trying to colour him when Kriti mocks him by saying that he should stay away from her on Holi festival as she’ll not leave him uncoloured, This instigates Vikrant and he stares at her with pure fury in his eyes.

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