Koffee with Karan 8 21st December 2023, KWK 8 Episode 9, Ajay Devgan, Rohit Shetty Today

Koffee with Karan 8 21st December 2023, KWK 8 Episode 9, Ajay Devgan, Rohit Shetty Today

This week, Karan Johar is all geared up to host two amazing stars from Bollywood, Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty. 

The viewers are eagerly waiting for this episode, excited to witness Karan Johar playfully engage with not-so-vocal guests who value silence over speech. 

Koffee with Karan 8, this week (21 December 2023) showcases Karan welcoming Rohit and Ajay as two dynamic personalities. 

Rohit shares with Karan, Salman and Ajay's attitude after the success or failure of their movies is the same they are very chilled about either outcome. 

On being asked about how Ajay handles Ranveer Singh who is absolutely opposite him, Ajay tells him that either Ranveer shuts up or he shuts his ears. 

In the latest Koffee with Karan 8 promo (21-12-2023), Karan hosts a rapid-fire round where Karan is tickled when Ajay tells him that he is waiting for the day when Kajol stops talking to him.

However, his smile vanishes when Ajay admits that once upon a time Karan was his sworn enemy.

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Koffee With Karan 8 21st December 2023 Written Update, Episode 9

Today's episode Koffee with Karan starts with Karan welcoming Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty after giving an interesting profile about their careers. 

Karan comments about their thirty-three years of friendship and 14 years of professional relationship. 

Rohit corrects Karan and tells him it is twenty years since he started with Zameen. 

Both Ajay and Rohit share the humble beginnings of their fathers and what inspired them to be such great movie personalities and left a legacy for them.

Ajay and Karan also feel bad about Nepotism without realising that there is always hard work behind success whether their parents gave them everything or not. 

Meanwhile, Ajay gives Gyan Ke Moti to Karan, telling him that Honesty pays and if you work hard then success will come eventually. 

Ajay, Karan and Rohit share what one family kind of fraternity where all the actors come and see each other's picture and praise each other's acting or help each other. 

Rohit also points out that today's generation of Bollywood stars do not share camaraderie as they are too insecure. 

Meanwhile, Ajay tells Karan that the paid phenomenon is nothing but an illusion because the audience finally decides what happens to your movie or work.

Both Rohit and Ajay agree that the success or failure of their work is not because of them but the process that fails or succeeds.

Ajay tells Karan that they should not take themselves seriously and that will keep them sane. 

Rohit also tells Karan that his son wants to work in movies but he will have to start from scratch and learn the ropes. 

On being asked why Rohit's family is never in the spot, Rohit tells Karan that all good things should be hidden. 

They also discuss Amrish Puri and what a gem of a person and has mentored new artists like them when he is around. 

Rohit also talks about Ranveer Singh and what a bundle of energy he is and how Ajay handles him. 

Ajay tells him that he either shuts him up or shuts his ears. 

After reminiscing about the era of Bollywood and sharing many anecdotes, comes the time for Bollywood quizzes. 

It is a great quiz, both the guests perform fantastically but Ajay loses because he has a hard time recalling the names of movies. 

After presenting the hamper to Rohit, Karan moves to the rapid-fire round and introduces the judges sitting in the Jaquar lounge. 

Both Ajay and Rohit perform wonderfully but Ajay wins the hamper by answering Karan’s question too honestly. 

Episode 9 comes to an end with Ajay and Rohit signing the coffee mugs!

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