Krishna Chali London Written Update 10th May 2019: Radhey tricks Krishna

Krishna Chali London Written Update 10th May 2019: Radhey tricks Krishna

Krishna Chali London 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 10 May episode starts with Krishna taking rest in her house. Bua makes her favorite coffee for her. Someone comes to meet Krishna.

Shuklain fails to sleep while thinking about Radhey. She comes to meet him in his room. She gets panicky when finds Radhey missing.

Radhey comes to meet Krishna. Krishna gets angry on him for coming to her house at the late hour. He tells Krishna that he cannot live with Bade Shukla.

Gaj calls Krishna to learn about Radhey’s whereabouts. Shuklain gets worried about Radhey. Bade Shukla and Laliya console her.

Krishna brings Radhey back in the Shukla house. Shuklain gets overwhelmed. Radhey tells Shuklain that he cannot live without Krishna.

Radhey insists Shuklain to stop Krishna. Shuklain requests Krishna to stay back in the house for her happiness.

Krishna is compelled to agree for Shuklain’s request.

Veer comes to a detective to find out the truth behind Radhey’s mystery. He asks him to find his past connection of new Radhey.

Radhey comes for his therapy session with the psychologist. Meanwhile, Veer comes to meet Krishna in the hospital.

Krishna questions him for his arrival. She makes him recall his past mistake. Veer states that the guy is an imposter of Radhey.

Krishna asks Veer to leave. Shuklain doubts Veer and Krishna.

The written update of 10 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

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