Krishna Chali London Written Update 13th May 2019: Veer gets a hint

Krishna Chali London Written Update 13th May 2019: Veer gets a hint

Krishna Chali London 13th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 13 May episode starts with Shuklain pampering Radhey. The psychologist tells Krishna and Gaj that Radhey fears that his wife, Krishna will leave him.

The doctor asks Krishna if she ran away from her wedding. Krishna replies positively. The doctor says that Radhey is well-aware of this fact.

He adds that Radhey recalls all these incidents from the past concerning her elope.

A person comes to Krishna and seeks her help in curing her unhealthy buffalo. Krishna says she is not a vet. Radhey insists Krishna.

The psychiatrist asks Krishna to take Radhey along with her to her village. Krishna and Shukla family members come to the village.

Radhey indulges in a conversation with the buffalo sweetly. The owner of the buffalo recalls the past incident where Radhey sang a similar song for the buffalo.

The buffalo eats the grass. Shuklain does prayers for Radhey’s wellbeing in the village temple. Krishna faces a dilemma.

Veer comes to a village and organizes a medical camp. A girl comes for the treatment. The girl sees Radhey’s picture in the newspaper.

She addresses him as Mohan. Veer gets shocked and inquires about the girl’s house. Veer questions the girl’s aunt about Mohan.

The woman refuses to tell him anything.

The written update of 13 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

Upcoming Krishna Chali episode update: Veer searches for clues against Radhey.

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