Krishna Chali London Written Update 15th May 2019: Krishna rebukes Veer

Krishna Chali London Written Update 15th May 2019: Krishna rebukes Veer

Krishna Chali London 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 15 May episode starts with Veer calling Krishna for a meeting. Krishna gets angry on Veer for interfering in her family matters every time.

Veer tells Krishna that the guy is not Radhey but his imposter. He shows Krishna the newspaper clipping. Krishna throws the paper in the water pool.

Krishna lashes out on Veer for not meeting him. Veer states that the guy is a thief. All the people gather around them.

Radhey comes and hits Veer. He warns Veer not to come close to Krishna as Krishna belongs to him. Veer and Radhey get into a fight.

Shuklain slaps Veer for hitting Radhey. Krishna refuses to pay heed to Veer’s words and asks him to leave the house.

Shuklain supports Radhey by saying that he did everything because his wife was spending time with a stranger.

Krishna counters Shuklain that she is not their DIL and neither Radhey’s wife. She states that she is staying with them because they pleaded her.

Krishna decides to leave the house but Radhey begs her to stay back. Bade Shukla and Shuklain fume in anger.

A priest asks Shuklain to take Radhey to a temple in Indore. Shuklain agrees. The priest did all this on Veer’s instructions.

Radhey says he will go only when Krishna will accompany him. Krishna refuses but Laliya tries to convince her.

The written update of 15 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

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