Krishna Chali London Written Update 17th May 2019: Krishna helps Veer

Krishna Chali London Written Update 17th May 2019: Krishna helps Veer

Krishna Chali London 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 17 May episode starts with Krishna getting angry on Veer for following her to the temple. She questions him about the reason for his visit there.

Veer says he is there to keep a check on her wellbeing. Krishna says she is capable enough to take proper care of her.

Krishna walks away. Veer comes to her and says that he needs her for his happiness. He requests her to do all this for his sake.

Radhey gets anxious when he doesn’t find Krishna around him. He searches for her everywhere. Shuklain curses Krishna for troubling her son.

Veer says he did everything intentionally to bring them to the temple. He states to Krishna that the guy is not Radhey but Mohan.

Veer tells Krishna that Mohan’s family is in search of him. He requests Krishna to hold Shukla family back till Mohan’s family comes there.

Krishna gets emotional when she realizes that now Veer will have to go back to jail if Radhey is proven as an imposter.

He asks Krishna to wait for him. Veer fills Krishna’s hairline with sindur. Gaj comes and calls Krishna to accompany him.

Veer comes to the village where Kusum lives. He reaches out to Kusum and asks her to come along with him to meet Mohan.

Krishna enacts to faint in front of the Shukla family to stop them.

The written update of 17 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

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