Krishna Chali London Written Update 20th May 2019: Radhey meets an accident

Krishna Chali London Written Update 20th May 2019: Radhey meets an accident

Krishna Chali London 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 20 May episode starts with Krishna enacting to get unwell. Laliya insists Shuklain that we should have something to eat before heading towards the station.

Shukla family decides to leave. Veer and Kusum come there. Suman hugs Radhey aka Mohan delightfully. She states that he is her brother, Mohan.

Veer says he is an imposter of Radhey and is backstabbing the entire Shukla family. Bade Shukla fails to believe Veer.

Veer says he is not concerned about Shukla family but he cares only for Krishna because she is his wife. Shuklain curses Laliya for supporting Krishna.

Krishna rebukes Shuklain. Veer says that Krishna is his wife and as per law they don’t have any connection with Krishna.

Krishna questions Kusum if she knows Radhey. Kusum says the guy is her brother and his name is Mohan.

Mohan refuses to recognize Kusum. Veer gets angry on Mohan and holds his collar. Kusum asks Veer not to hurt Mohan.

Kusum’s aunt comes there and accuses him of kidnapping Kusum. Shuklain talks ill about Krishna and Veer.

Veer requests the villagers to identify Radhey. The villagers fail to recognize him. The sarpanch says that Kusum is mentally disturbed.

A stranger records everything and informs Naini about everything. Naina asks him to help Veer. Sunaina overhears everything and inquires about Veer.

The villagers hit Veer with sticks. Krishna rushes to protect Veer. Meanwhile, Radhey gets hit by a car. Shukla family takes him to the hospital.

The written update of 20 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

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