Krishna Chali London Written Update 28th May 2019: Krishna accepts Radhey

Krishna Chali London Written Update 28th May 2019: Krishna accepts Radhey

Krishna Chali London 28th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 28 May episode starts with Shukla family comes to the cinema hall for their movie outing. Radhey speaks a lie and gets away from the Shukla family.  

Radhey leaves for the bus station secretly and gives a chit to a stall owner for his family members. Shuklain gets panicky when Radhey goes missing.

Gaj gets Radhey’s chit and learns that Radhey has left the city as he couldn’t live without Krishna. Radhey aka Mohan waits for his family members anxiously.

Krishna studies Radhey’s reports. Shuklain, Laliya, and Bela come to Krishna. Shuklain begs to Krishna to save Radhey’s life.

Laliya tells Krishna that Radhey has left the city. Shuklain pleads in front of Krishna to bring Radhey back. Krishna says we will find him soon.

Bade Shukla finds Radhey on the bus stop. Radhey states that he cannot live without Krishna. Krishna comes there and gets angry on Radhey.

Radhey requests her to let him go as he cannot see him with some other guy and so has decided to walk away from her.

Krishna states to Radhey that she will marry him. Shukla family and Krishna celebrate the occasion in Shukla house.

Veer comes to Shukla house. Krishna hands over the divorce papers to Veer and says that she wants to end their wedding.

Veer tries to stop Krishna by calling Radhey an imposter. Krishna insists Veer to sign the divorce papers.

The written update of 28 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

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