Krishna Chali London Written Update 29th May 2019: Krishna slaps Veer

Krishna Chali London Written Update 29th May 2019: Krishna slaps Veer

Krishna Chali London 29th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 29 May episode starts with Veer signing the divorce papers for Krishna’s happiness. Radhey smirks at his success. Veer states to Krishna that he will always love her.

Dubey and Bua question Krishna for taking such a drastic decision without informing them. Krishna requests her father to trust her decision.

Shuklain and Bade Shukla decorate the Shukla Niwas for Radhey and Krishna’s engagement ceremony. Krishna comes to Shukla Niwas with her luggage.

Radhey gets delighted to see her there. Shukla family members welcome Krishna by showering rose petals on her.

Krishna says we can do the wedding only after the divorce procedure gets completed. Laliya says we can do some pre-wedding ceremonies.

Dubey comes to meet Veer. He questions him about his decision. Sunaina curses Dubey and asks him not to interfere in Veer’s life.

 Sunaina asks Dubey not to brainwash his son. Dubey requests Veer to stop this destruction. Sunaina asks Dubey to leave her family all alone.

Krishna and Radhey gear up for their engagement. Veer barges into Shukla house and holds Radhey with his collar.

Veer curses Radhey. Krishna slaps Veer and slams him. She says she will not spare the person who will keep a bad eye on her husband.

The written update of 29 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

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