Krishna Chali London Written Update 2nd May 2019: Shuklain meets Radhey

Krishna Chali London Written Update 2nd May 2019: Shuklain meets Radhey

Krishna Chali London 2nd May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 2 May episode starts with Krishna’s maid inquiring about Radhey from her. Krishna gets angry at her and asks her to mind her business.

Bua comes to Krishna and tries to calm down her anger. Krishna states that the guy is not Radhey and she has no relation with Veer.

Krishna doubts the presence of someone planting fake Radhey in her live.

Bela tells her husband about Radhey. She gets worried about the property. Albela comes to Bade Shukla with Bela’s phone.

Gaj thinks about Radhey and his similarities with his brother. Mistakenly, Albela plays the video stored in Bela’s phone concerning Radhey.

Bade Shukla gets shocked when he hears Gaj stating that Radhey is back to life. Bela reveals the entire incident to Shukla.

Shukla questions Gaj about the test and Radhey. Gaj reveals that Radhey is at Krishna’s house. Shuklain overhears everything.

Shuklain and other family members come to Krishna’s house. Shuklain gets angry on Krishna for hiding Radhey from her.

The guy reveals his name as Radhey Laal Shukla. Gaj and Shuklain get delighted. Krishna seeks Shuklain’s permission for the DNA test.

Radhey fails to recognize Shukla family. Shukla refuses to trust Radhey. Shuklain threatens to cut her vein.

Shuklain asks Radhey to come to her house. Radhey says he will go only when Krishna will come along with them.

The written update of 2 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

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