Krishna Chali London Written Update 7th May 2019: Radhey takes bold step

Krishna Chali London Written Update 7th May 2019: Radhey takes bold step

Krishna Chali London 7th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Krishna Chali 7 May episode starts with Radhey rushing towards his balcony. He jumps down from the balcony and falls on Krishna’s car to stop her from leaving him.

Shuklain gets angry on Krishna on seeing Radhey’s pitiful condition. She asks Krishna to walk away from her house.

Krishna says she doesn’t believe that the guy is Radhey but will stay back only to treat him as she is a doctor.

Krishna calls for the help of an ambulance to bring Radhey to his room. Shuklain, Laliya, and Gaj are hopeful that the guy is their Radhey.

Triloki and Bela try hard to instigate Bade Shukla against Radhey by saying that he is not their Radhey.

Meanwhile, Krishna stays back at Shukla Niwas to make Shuklain and other family members comfortable.

Shuklain questions Krishna if she doesn’t feel anything on returning back to her room. Krishna says this family has never accepted her.

Krishna advises Shuklain not to build a close bond with Radhey until the DNA test results are out. Shuklain fails to understand anything.

Krishna recalls her past moments spent with Radhey while watching Radhey’s belongings. Suddenly, Radhey comes close to her.

Krishna gets angry at him. Bade Shukla asks Krishna to call him when the DNA reports come.

The written update of 7 May 2019 Krishna Chali London episode full story ends.

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