Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 11th June 2019: Kulfi meets Bhola

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 11th June 2019: Kulfi meets Bhola

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11 Jun episode starts with Mohinder giving his song recording to Sikander. He asks him to find a producer who would let him sing for his company.

Sikander aka Chandan enacts to agree. Chandan calls Pakiya and asks him to send his accomplice to keep an eye on Kulfi. He instructs him to find Sikander.

Rocket and his friends help Kulfi in misleading the goon. They bring Kulfi to Bhola’s house. Bhola gets scared on seeing Kulfi as he imagines her to be a Daayan.

Kulfi tries to come close to Bhola but he asks her to stay away from him. Rocket comes there and takes Kulfi away.

Kulfi seeks her friend’s help in keeping Pakiya away from Bhola. Zinda traps Pakiya in a fake theft case and compels him to walk out of the neighborhood.

Nandini comes to meet the woman whose hospital card Lovely found in Chandan’s stuff. The lady mistakes Nandini to be Chandan and calls out his name.

Kulfi disguises as a sardar and comes to Bhola’s house along with her friends. The kids play instruments while Kulfi sings the song.

Nandini tells Lovely about the woman taking Chandan’s name. She instructs her to collect more proofs. Chandan asks Pakiya to check if Kulfi is present in her Karate class or not.

Kulfi and Bhola sing a duet song. The two stare at each other lovingly. Pakhi says she is Daayan. Kulfi states that she is his daughter, Kulfi.

Bhola gets angry on Kulfi and says he is only Pakhi’s father.

The written update of 11 June 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode full story ends.

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