Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi trying to treat Dadi's sprain but she winces in pain so Harleen scolds Purvi while Harman asks Dadi to come with him to the doctor.

However, Dadi feels her pain is gone now by Purvi's massage and praises her while the other guests also praise Purvi after which Purvi takes Dadi with her to make her rest.

Meanwhile, Harman looks at Purvi thoughtfully, and Harleen asks the reason behind it after which Harman says that Purvi is a pure-hearted girl and helps everyone as she can't see anyone in pain so if they are doing right with her.

After that, Harleen takes Harman aside while Purvi keeps messaging Dadi's foot to make her muscles release, and Dadi asks her to not worry so much.

Just then, Dadu comes there worrying about Dadi while Dadi assures him that she is fine and praises Purvi.

Further, Dadu and Dadi praise Purvi and say they and Rajvansh are lucky to have Purvi in their lives and that Purvi should get all the happiness in life.

Meanwhile, she asks them to bless her in the meantime, Rajvansh sees the scenario and remembers how he hurt Purvi's hand lately.

After Dadu and Dadi's departure, Rajvansh makes Purvi sit and tries to treat her but she firmly declines his help while Rajvansh declares he won't ever help her now getting irked.

There, Harleen asks Harman to not get attached to Purvi as she is going to leave their house soon while Harman says he can't see wrong with Purvi as she is innocent and doesn't deserve punishment.

Meanwhile, Harleen says that they and Rajvansh were also innocent but they had to face suffering after which Harman goes from there just then Vaishali comes and asks her that only she was saying to behave well with Purvi and her family and now if Harman wants same she has a problem why.

After that, Harleen clarifies that she is behaving well with Purvi's family due to society as she wants to keep their family's reputation intact.

Just then, Khushi comes there and tries to talk with Harleen while Harleen ignores her and refuses to recognize her so Khushi talks about the past but Harleen says she doesn't think about the past.

Further, Khushi says that she wants to make her understand something but Harleen refuses just then Purvi comes there and makes them meet each other while Harleen deliberately asks Khushi what was she telling her about the past.

Meanwhile, Purvi gets confused and Harleen asks Khushi to tell Purvi about the past but she stays silent while Harleen says that everyone has to face their karma so she can't escape doing bad with them.

On the other hand, Monisha gets happy thinking soon everyone's health will deteriorate after eating poisonous food while Deepika worries about their family but Monisha looks unaffected and says it's because Deepika and her family have betrayed her.

After this, Monisha gets tense and thinks Monisha has gone mad while Purvi asks what has happened after which Harleen asks Khushi to tell Purvi the truth but she covers the topic and escapes.

There, Deepika thinks of doing something to save the family but Monisha tries to stop her while Deepika asks her to understand that if anything happens to their family member, Rajvansh will hate her.

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