Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi coming to RV's room to give him coffee.

He gets pleasantly surprised and smiles at her after which Purvi asks him what she reminds him of.

RV thinks a little bit and then tells her that her presence is something that confuses him but at the same time, it feels that she should be in his life.

Purvi notices his cockiness and informs him that the coffee isn't made by her which takes RV a little shaken up.

As Purvi is about to leave, RV gives her a suitcase full of cash and asks her to put it safely.

Meanwhile, Purvi sees that Monisha is passing by RV's room and can enter anytime.

As RV takes a sip of his coffee and says he likes Purvi's honesty, Purvi lies that something is stuck on his chin which makes her bend down to his height as he is sitting on a chair.

Monisha comes there and is surprised to see Purvi and RV so close to each other as if Purvi is pecking him lightly.

After Monisha leaves, Purvi exits RV's room and confronts Monisha outside who warns Purvi to stay away from RV.

However, Purvi stays nonchalant and Monisha huffs away in anger only to return to Purvi, asking her to stay away from RV.

Purvi tells her that it is she who should stay away from RV as Purvi is the only wife of RV.

After this argument, Monisha leaves while Purvi bumps into Harleen and RV talking downstairs.

Harleen notices the suitcase in Purvi's hand and asks what she is doing with the suitcase and if she took it to the kitchen.

Purvi replies that she went to take a water bottle from the kitchen and now will place this suitcase.

Afterwards, Purvi keeps the suitcase and Harleen leaves which prompts Purvi to ask RV if Harleen is angry.

RV nods his head, saying it does seem that Harleen's mood is a little off while Purvi then brings Monisha's topic and says that she is also upset.

RV gets curious and asks what happened while Purvi says that he shouldn't get into a fight between two girls.

Just then, the atmosphere turns banterful as RV and Purvi lightly flirt with each other.

Dadu passes by the room and thinks that RV and Purvi are getting close which makes him waltz downstairs in sheer joy.

He meets Dadi and informs her that their grandson is getting cozy with his wife and is on the right track.

However, Dadi and Dadu realize that RV's cousins have listened to their conversation and warn them not to tease Purvi and RV about it.

In the room, Monisha remembers how today, Purvi, got a chance to tease her and gets crazy thinking about how close RV and Purvi got.

She screams at his photo, staring at it wide and yells that it is only because of him she has to see this day and how many sacrifices she has done till now.

However, now is the time, she will decide to leave the Malhotra house forever.

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