Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Deepika warning Monisha not to execute the plan or else RV will hate her forever and will haunt her.

She sees RV coming and talks to Deepika under the pretext of telling it to her and says that there is no need to trust people as they say that they trust them when you tell them what bothers you, they counterquestion them.

He comes there asking her to have said it to his face while she demands that he say Purvi that he doesn’t like it.

He says that she sounds very kiddish but Monisha stays adamant.

He calls her and says that it must be very clear to her but he doesn’t like her but is thankful for what she did for Dadi.

Purvi is shocked to see him say thanks to her as he says that he is being nice to her now does not mean he will always be nice.

Purvi goes and says to Monisha that he cannot be mean to people for no reason and he tries to be but can’t and leaves.

On the other hand, Kartik tells KK that he is in a fight with his girlfriend and he gets furious saying he hates double-faced people and accepts that he misses Prachi.

Kartik suggests he get over it and he explains to himself that he must not think about her anymore.

In the meantime, Khushi talks to RV and says that she saw him talking to Purvi badly when he says that it is good that she saw it since he had already said that it is not as it seems and adds that he doesn’t feel good doing bad with Purvi but the hate he has for her motivates him.

She asks him to be in his senses and he says that Armaan talks to her badly when Armaan comes there, asking them what is up and Khushi takes offense to her tone.

Concurrently, Prachi talks to Bijlee when Khushi comes asking her what is wrong when she tells her that she needs to go home and Khushi says that she will take care of everything and she should go without any tension.

Just then, Armaan comes there, asking her what is wrong when goons enter the house.

Subsequently, Vaishali takes care of Tashu as she says that she is getting bothered for no reason and she will take care of everything.

Vaishali tells her that Harleen is worried since the Mandap got destroyed and that is why she needs her to be with him every time.

Vaishali goes outside while the goons come there and lock Purvi inside the washroom and kidnaps Tashu while they shout for help.

She tries to call everyone but they did not receive it.

Meanwhile, Khushi and Armaan are in an argument while RV listens to them and they hear the sound of something breaking.

RV finally receives the call and he tells him everything but he asks her to request her. 

The goons shove Tashu in the van when RV comes there and beat them up and try to uncover his face.

The goons team up against him and beat up RV. 

However, Purvi comes out and rescues Tashu while RV defends himself and Purvi helps him beat them up.

They run away and Purvi and RV get into an argument while Tashu requests them not to tell anyone about it.

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