Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2024 episode starts with Rajvansh saying Khushi will try to tell the truth to Purvi, thus he kept their photos ready, and if Khushi tries to expose him to Purvi then he'll make MMS of these photos and make them viral.

He adds, that Khushi's life will be destroyed after that, and her family will face the same which his family suffered.

Further, he says everything will happen tomorrow only and asks her to go and tell Purvi the truth.

However, her married life and everything will be destroyed, Khushi requests him to not do such a thing but Rajvansh stays adamant and asks her to go ahead and tell Purvi the truth.

Just then, Purvi enters there and spots them together which makes them shocked.

On the other hand, Purvi's family seems relaxed as Khushi calls them to inform them about her whereabouts.

Then they get excited to welcome Purvi on her Paghfere ritual, while Prachi says she is so excited to meet Purvi and then they think Purvi will also feel relaxed coming there.

Further, they also joke about Diya's marriage and share some light moments.

There, Purvi finds no one in the room except the spilled vermilion on the ground and gets worried about it as it's a bad omen.

She murmurs to herself that it's a bad omen and wishes any problem shouldn't arise then refills vermilion to the box, and she goes to wash her hands.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh and Khushi are shown hiding in the corner where Rajvansh keeps Khushi's mouth covered to prevent her from making a sound.

After that, he states to Khushi that if she informs Purvi the truth then the bad omen will happen for real, and her life will be destroyed, Khushi says Rajvansh is doing wrong and will regret it, to which he says Khushi didn't regret after doing wrong.

Further, Rajvansh sends her from the room just then Purvi comes and questions Rajvansh for being there while he says he is here to take her back.

On the other hand, Deepika comes to Malhotra's family and makes them relax by saying Khushi is gone, while Harleen says that's good otherwise she thought that Khushi would create a scene.

After that, they discussed Khushi didn't have any point in creating a scene as she always knew whom Purvi was marrying.

Meanwhile, Deepika says Khushi doesn't know that Rajvansh and RV are the same people before and gets to know that yesterday only, which makes the family a little shocked.

Just then, Rajvansh and Purvi come downstairs and Purvi covers her face with a veil as the ritual is pending, then she asks Rajvansh to hold her hand and help her in walking.

Seeing that, the guests praise the couple and Purvi asks Rajvansh to stay there out of nervousness, while Rajvansh assures her that he'll stay around her, which makes Purvi relieved.

Meanwhile, the guest says Rajvansh loves Purvi a lot and Purvi states she doesn't know about love but Rajvansh cares a lot about her.

There, Vikrant, Jaswant, and Harman go to have drinks while Dadu asks Rajvansh to come with him.

End of Kumkum Bhagya today's episode written update. To download Kumkum Bhagya Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (11 February 2024) online, go to zee5.com

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