Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2023 episode starts with a joyous discussion between Ranbeer and Aryan where Ranbeer blames Aryan's mother, Aliya, for slapping him.

Aryan cannot believe that Aliya has done such a thing, so he asks Ranbeer to confirm again.

However, Aryan is more bothered by the fact that Ranbeer’s chance of getting back with Prachi is slipping away.

Ranbeer reveals that doing so would be useless because he heard a conversation between Prachi and Shahana, where Prachi shared how Ranbeer has always made her sad and weep.

The reason why she wants to marry Akshay is because he is a better man and he loves Prachi unconditionally.

Ranbeer states that he was moved when he heard Prachi say these things about him as it was unbelievable.

Aryan motivates him to not lose hope as he is the one who loves Prachi unconditionally.

He further adds that Prachi might have few expectations of Ranbeer which he never met, due to which she feels insecure.

Ranbeer quickly realizes that could be a valid reason why Prachi feels negatively about him.

Aryan comes up with a plan and orders Ranbeer to be the groom and marry Prachi instead of Akshay.

Ranbeer quickly refuses to do so as it is a bad idea but Aryan explains to him that he can cover his face with a sehra and no one would notice that it’s him.

Ranbeer gestures to his face, asking Aryan if he is serious while Aryan nods and states that the groom will have a sehra.

Barring the risks, Aryan manages to change Ranbeer's looks and somehow convince Pandit Ji for the groom to wear a sehra.

Meanwhile, Pandit Ji assures Akshay’s family that if he wears a sehra, then there wouldn’t be any interruptions in the wedding.

Just then, a waiter walks past Akshay and spills a drink on his sherwani.

His family gets worried about his sherwani getting ruined.

However, he is quick to find a solution by calling the nearest store for a new sherwani and a sehra.

On the other hand, Prachi expresses distress when Dadi informs her about Pandit Ji’s suggestion of Akshay wearing a sehra.

Dadi asks her about what she is thinking about, so Prachi finally reveals that she met Alia who manipulated her into thinking that Ranbeer is happier with Rhea.

Hearing this, Dadi consoles Prachi that she is a strong woman and worrying about petty things won't do her any good.

On the other hand, Aryan manages his way to meet Akshay saying to him that he is the “brother” of Prachi.

Akshay expresses great confusion and asks whether it is true as Prachi never mentioned a brother to him.

Aryan spins the situation by saying that Prachi and he turned enemies when he married another girl whom Prachi hated.

However, Akshay exclaims and refuses to believe that Prachi can hate someone.

Aryan then continues to spin him around by saying that she is very superstitious when it comes to a position of a mole.

Aryan distracts him and manages to ged rid of Akshay by making him faint using chloroform.

He then takes his sherwani and rushes over to Ranbeer.

He boasts about the work that he has done for Ranbeer while Ranbir asks Aryan whether Akshay is alive or not.

Aryan assures him that he has done nothing to him and is safe.

Ranbeer doesn’t feel right doing this as he says that he has no hate towards Akshay.

However, like a true friend, Akshay asks Ranbeer whether he wants to take the risk for Akshay or for Prachi.

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