Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi and RV getting ready to hit the bed and sleep.

The next morning, everyone gathers around the breakfast table to start their day.

As Dadi and Dadu are already there, they start greeting everyone very nicely.

Vaishali comes and rebukes Yug as he doesn't pray but then dotes on him, saying she always prays on his behalf.

Just then, Purvi comes there and Dadu smiles at her while Yug starts to praise Purvi's cooking skills as whatever she cooks is very delicious always.

Vaishali and Dipika's face falls while soon enough, everyone starts to cough as RV comes there.

Unable to control himself, Dadu asks RV to tell Purvi I love you but both of them get very awkward and Dadi ends up scolding Dadu.

However, Dadu doesn't stop there and says that RV said that Purvi's isn't that bad after which Purvi looks at RV and questions him how she is then.

He replies that she is good only until he realizes what he has spoken as Dipika and Vaishali stare at him with disgust.

Meanwhile, Monisha also comes there and hears all the conversation, feeling bad.

Harleen comes there and asks Monisha to come and eat while she also gets informed that today evening RV might have to go to Bangalore for a very important meeting.

She looks at RV and rebukes him for always telling her things late while Monisha is still enraged at RV.

On the other hand, Purvi goes upstairs to the room she shares with RV and feels weird.

Staring outside the window, she stands still on her spot and wonders why she is not feeling happy that RV is finally going away.

She questions herself deep down, thinking she should have been the happiest by now.

However, she is not feeling happy and instead, a sad feeling is engulfing her.

Just then, RV comes into the room and starts packing his suitcase, gauging what Purvi is thinking or feeling.

Much to their surprise, they both end up expressing to each other that they will miss each other's presence little bit after which Purvi wishes a happy journey to RV.

Meanwhile, Monisha and Dipika discuss how can RV come so close to Purvi.

Dipika says that it is Purvi who is making RV comes towards her by luring him and being sweet in front of each other.

Monisha says that can't happen as RV is hers and she has to do something about this growing problem.

On the other hand, Prachi visits Tashu's house while her mother guides her towards Tashu's room.

Prachi waits by the window but as soon as she turns out, she spots a naked man and immediately feels embarrassed.

She leaves there hurriedly while it is Ranbeer who has just come out of the shower and feels awkward too.

Meanwhile, Purvi comes down hurriedly and gives a bag that RV forgot to take.

RV expects that Purvi will stop him somehow but she tells him that she asked him when he will come home soon because she wants him to.

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