Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2023 episode starts with Akshay announcing to everyone that Mihika and Ranbir cannot get married. 

However, Mihika tells him that he has no right to say that and he should behave like a big brother.

Vishakha tells Akshay to stop being dramatic and try to understand the situation while Akshay tells her that he understands it quite well and Mihika does not deserve to marry a man like Ranbir. 

Prachi feels offended and asks Akshay what he means by a man like Ranbir. 

Akshay Throws Ranbir Out 

Vishakha tries to calm Prachi and asks her to let her talk but Pallavi tells them that Prachi is like that only, always trying to take away their happiness. 

Meanwhile, Mihika tells Pallavi that it is not Prachi but Akshay’s fault and tells Akshay that she has a right to choose her partner. 

Akshay gets angry and tells everyone that Mihika will not marry Ranbir at any cost. 

Pallavi gets offended and asks the Tondons if they have invited her there to be humiliated. 

Prachi apologises to her saying it's not Vishakha's fault while Pallavi tells her that the fault is her. 

Before the argument escalates, Akshay finally tells them this marriage will not take place. 

However, Mihika tells him that the problem is not Ranbir and Prachi but his own insecurities. 

Ranbir also tells him that if he wanted to take Prachi away he could have easily done that but there is a reason why he is not doing it. 

However, Ranbir refuses to listen and tells Ranbir to get out of his house which Ranbir agrees and goes to pack his bag. 

Later, Ranbir is all set to leave and thanks everyone for treating him like a family but he cannot tolerate the humiliation that he is being subjected to and apologise for leaving them. 

Mihika begs him to stay and asks Akshay to stop Ranbir from leaving. 

However, Ranbir tells her that nothing can be done now and he cannot stay here anymore. 

Mihika and Manpreet beg Ranbir to not go while Ranbir apologises to them for not being able to comply as it is a matter of his self-respect. 

After a while, Pallavi tells Ranbir to think things through while he tells her that he knows what he is doing. 

Just then, Mihika comes to Ranbir begging her to stay while Ranbir tells her to remember that they have no emotional involvement as they only had a deal.

Akshay comes there and drags Mihika back inside telling her that she does not need Ranbir. 

Mihika Commits Suicide

Inside the house, Mihika puts a knife on her wrist telling everyone to call Ranbir or else she will kill herself. 

However, Akshay refuses to budge and takes Manpreet’s phone from her to stop her from calling Ranbir. 

Mihika finally cuts herself when she realises that Akshay is being stubborn. 

Tondons takes Mihika to the hospital and the hospital insists on them to take care of the legal formalities as it is suicide. 

Later, Akshay comes to the police station to file an FIR against Ranbir telling the inspector that it is Ranbir Kohli who has forced Mihika to commit suicide. 

At the hospital, Manpreet is sitting in shock when Prachi tries to comfort her saying Mihika will be alright as she is in good hands. 

Vishakha also gets emotional and tells Ashok that she has always treated Akshay and Mihika as her own and now everything has gone wrong in a blink of an eye. 

Akshay Files FIR Against Ranbir

Manpreet walks away from there while Vishakha faints. 

On the other hand, Akshay drives angrily while Abhay tells him that he has crossed the line by insinuating that it was Ranbir who had caused Mihika to commit suicide when he knows that Mihika’s mental condition is not stable. 

Akshay gets angry and tells Abhay to not talk rubbish as Mihika is absolutely fine and that Ranbir will now understand who he has messed with. 

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