Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with People praising the food while Deepika and Monisha take care that no one in the family hearts that food while Vaishali comes and they talk about Monisha’s plan.

They see Dadi with the contaminated food and get worried when Deepika goes there and takes the plate from her hands and makes it fall.

They tell her that they will get a new one for her. Harleen suspects their weird behavior and thinks that it must be the result of her scoldings.

On the other hand, Ashok goes to take silver plates and cutlery in which they will serve the family of the bride while Vishakha takes Diya along to help her. Meanwhile, Amar scolds his goon for messing everything up as they explain himself saying that they were almost done but RV came.

He gets furious and says that professionals would have done it way better and they ask for one more chance.

Amar says that he will shoot them if they do not succeed.

Concurrently, Khushi is on a call with Armaan who asks her what is up with her and demands the answers Khushi recalls what had happened in the past and says that she returned due to migraine while he thinks that she is hiding something.

Back at home, the goons talk to each other as they pledge to take Tashu this time for sure win Amar’strust again and not make him angry again.

In the meantime, Kartik tells KK that everything is fine and that if this marriage was wrong, nothing would have been fine. He suggests he move on from the past and focus on the present.

They both meet Commissioner's uncle, while RV spots the goons.

Just then, Tashu and Purvi come downstairs and she meets her uncle.

Purvi talks to the guests and makes sure that everything is fine while Monisha sees her and thinks that these guests who are happy with her, will get angry at her later.

On the flip side, RV follows the goons while Dadu says that she is very hungry and Harleen goes to take the snacks for him while all the guests start coughing.

Monisha and Deepika are happy to see their plan successful they ask for the person who made the food and finds out that it is Purvi she asks her why she did that to them and accuses her of bad hospitality.

The guests start to fall on the ground and they call the police while  Harleen takes Deepika and Monisha inside as Puri gets to know that the police have gone to the house to arrest Prachi.

In the meantime, the police ask Prachi to come along as there has been a complaint against her for food poisoning.

Subsequently, RV chases the goons and beats them up asking who they work for and why they kidnapped Tashu while one of them hits him on his head.

He falls instantly and they take him to the car.

Concurrently, some people tell Ashok that Prachi has been arrested for food poisoning while Vishkha wonders why no waiter has returned to take food out and comes to know that everyone is ill outside.

At the same time, Harleen asks everyone to stay away from this mess while Heman tells her that it must have been just a mistake

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