Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2024 episode starts with the Tandon family preparing for the Malhotra family's welcome, Prachi asks Divya to get the tea cups ready for serving, and Vishakha informs her that they are ready.

Meanwhile, Ashok states they are late, yesterday Rajvansh was on time.

Just then, Diya comes out of the room and asks for the hairclip for Purvi, Vishakha worriedly asks if Purvi isn't ready yet, to which Diya says she is ready just a hairclip is left.

Vishakha asks Divya to hand the hairclip to Diya, and Ashok says that's good they are late, otherwise Purvi won't be ready.

In the meantime, Rajvansh and his family arrive and Rajvansh introduces them to each other, and Ashok also introduces his family. 

Further, Dadu feels happy to meet them and wishes to meet Purvi's mother and Ashok makes him meet Prachi.

After that, Malhotra's family jokes and Harleen says their family is fun-loving, and Prachi says that's good, just then Diya comes there and Ashok introduces her.

Harman asks about Purvi's father, to which Manpreet says that he died in an accident years ago, and Prachi didn't even see him.

Malhotra's family apologizes for asking about it while Prachi says he is always with them in their memories.

Further, they demand to meet Purvi and Diya brings Purvi out, while Nupur teases Rajvansh asking if he fills Purvi's hairline for help or because she is pretty, and Rajvansh asks Dadu to tell her to not tease him.

Then, Damini asks Purvi to sit beside her, and Rajvansh's Bhabhi and Damini state there were many alliances for Rajvansh but he never accepted, and Harman states marriages are made in heaven, that's why they are here to talk about marriage.

Just then, Harleen says the other talks can happen later, but she wants to talk about important things now and asks Purvi if she likes Rajvansh, to which Purvi stays silent then Harleen asks Tandon's family if they like Rajvansh.

After that, Tandon's family says they like Rajvansh a lot, and Manpreet adds that Purvi can't get a better life partner than Rajvansh, while Prachi also states Rajvansh is an angel for them.

Then, Manpreet states that's good that they like Rajvansh and that the wedding will take place tomorrow as there is no auspicious time after that, after that, Harleen repeats her question to Purvi if she likes Rajvansh, to which Purvi nods.

Further, Harleen says she just wanted to listen to Purvi's yes then she calls servants with the wedding shagun items, and Biji makes Purvi wear the bangles.

After that, both families congratulate each other, and Harleen says now they can proceed with the wedding tomorrow and assures them that every ritual will happen properly.

However, Prachi worries about preparing everything in this much hurry and states shops are also closed now, while Biji says she wants to clarify one thing that they don't believe in dowry and the others support her.

Then, Rajvansh says they are giving Purvi to his family, and it's the biggest thing to them and they'll accept her gratefully.

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