Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2023 episode starts with Ranbeer thrashing Balbira (Lali's boyfriend) and other men, while Lali has Khushi under her control.

Meanwhile, Khushi tries but fails to help Ranbeer, and Ranbeer is beaten up by the men who support Balbira

Lali stops Khushi and throws her out of the house after she begins beating the men with a steal plate.

Khushi becomes upset and is unsure how she will assist Ranbeer.

Meanwhile, she notices two ladies sitting outside their house and begs for their support while sobbing.

Khushi quickly notifies the police of the situation and returns the phone to the lady.

However, Khushi enters the house and attempts to stop Balbira from beating Ranbeer, but Lali again stops her.

She informs Lali that the police are on their way, and Lali requests that Balbira beat but not kill Ranbeer.

Meanwhile, Khushi devises a plan in which she steals Lali's phone and leaves it outside the house while playing the police siren.

As the police siren sounds, Balbira and the men who are beating Ranbeer become terrified, and the men leave the house.

Ranbeer grabs Balbira and bangs his head against the wall.

He requests that Balbira apologize to Khushi immediately and promise her that he will never beat her again.

Out of fear, he and Lali beg Khushi's forgiveness, but the two men enter and inform Balbira that there are no police outside the house.

Lali checks outside and notices that the police siren sound is coming from her phone.

Ranbeer cradles Khushi in his arms and proclaims that Khushi is highly intelligent.

Balbira becomes enraged and threatens Ranbeer, but the police arrives just then and arrest everyone present.

Khushi begs the cop to let Ranbeer go, but the cop does not listen and arrests him as well.

She then dashes inside the house and dials Prachi's number.

While Prachi is at home, she is excited to see Khushi calling her, but when she hears Khushi sobbing over the phone, she becomes tense and asks Khushi what is going on.

Khushi informs her that Lali and Balbira continued to beat Shiv (Ranbeer) and that the police arrested them all, and she requests Prachi's assistance.

Prachi is about to leave when Dadi and Shahana ask where she is going.

Prachi informs them about the situation and how Khushi and Ranbeer are in the police station, to which Dadi stops her and asks her not to help Ranbeer because she believes Ranbeer did something wrong, which is why the cops arrested him.

Shahana adds that Ranbeer has temper tantrums, and everyone is aware that these issues caused problems in relationships.

Prachi begs Dadi, but Dadi declines and orders Shahana to lock the door.

Prachi knows she can't tell them the truth because it's not the right time, so she tells them she left something important at the office and needs to go there right now.

As she walks away, Shahana suspects Prachi of lying to them and going to the police station to save Ranbeer.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Ranbeer begs the officer to believe him because he appears sober and has done nothing wrong.

The inspector instructs Ranbeer to keep his mouth shut and not justify himself.

On the other hand, Balbira talks with Lali somehow who scolds him that he is reeking of alcohol.

Balbira threatens Lali to save him and turns the case by making Khushi say that it was not Balbira but Ranbeer who beat Khushi. 

Balbira tries to force Lali to threaten Khushi and make him say this but Lali tells Balbira she will think about it. 

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