Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Monisha asking Vaishali if she doesn't believe in her intelligence then how can she think that she'll lose while Vaishali and Deepika continue to worry saying Monisha couldn't stop Rajvansh from going on the honeymoon with Purvi.

They try to tell her that if Purvi wins Rajvansh's heart then they will lose the rule in the house while Monisha says that they won't even reach the destination as she has leaked their fuel tank and their car will get stopped on the lonely road.

She adds, that they won't have any other choice than to return home.

There, Rajvansh gets frustrated with the car breaking down in the middle of the road and Purvi says that she didn't know that her prayer would be fulfilled that way.

After that, Rajvansh blames Purvi for the incident but she says that it's Rajvansh's fault that he didn't check his fuel status before leaving for the trip.

Further, she asks now how they will reach the destination while Rajvansh frustratedly says that they have to ask for a lift.

Then, they come out and see there is no one on the road and they can't get a lift Rajvansh clarifies that he has checked the fuel before driving and it's full.

After that, he says after seeing that his fuel is leaking that means the fuel tank is broken, so Purvi says that he should have also checked the fuel tank.

This triggers a banter between them and then he calls a mechanic for help who's statement shocks Rajvansh.

There, Deepika says to Monisha that she should have told them before about it, while Monisha asks Vaishali to not ever doubt her love for Rajvansh and even he loves her a lot.

Just then, Rajvansh calls Monisha and tells her that he and Purvi are coming back as their car broke down, and the repair shop is still 3 KM away from there, so they'll be back by getting any car.

Meanwhile, Monisha is happy with the news, to which Vaishali leaves saying she doesn't feel that Monisha did right.

However, Monisha says to Deepika that she doesn't care what the people think as she just can't see Rajvansh getting close to Purvi.

Just then, Harleen comes there listening to her, and says that she has done wrong as Rajvansh already suffered a lot so she doesn't want him to suffer.

She adds, that they can do whatever they want with Purvi but Rajvansh shouldn't be affected by it.

However, Monisha tries to defend herself but Harleen stays adamant and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Deepika asks Monisha to not feel bad.

There, Purvi gets tired from walking in heels and complains that she can't walk ahead while Rajvansh comments on her heels and they fight.

On the other hand, Monisha comes into Rajvansh's room and wishes to spend romantic time with him ousting Purvi from his life.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh misses seeing a car which angers Purvi and they fight again, after which, Rajvansh walks ahead leaving Purvi and she runs after him, her foot gets twisted so she gets sprained and is unable to walk.

However, Rajvansh asks her to not expect that he'll lift her in his arms while Purvi teasingly asks him if he doesn't have the power to lift her.

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