Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi telling RV that she has got a sprain while RV tells her not to expect him to carry her as Purvi provokes him saying that he doesn't go to the gym.

He says to her that he is not made to lift her while Purvi tells him to lift her.

He asks her to request while she does and he lifts her and says she is very heavy.

They walk as RV says his cheek itches while Purvi stretches his cheek.

They see each other closely and get lost in each other's eyes.

On the other hand, Prachi prays to God as she says her thanks to him and asks him to take care of Purvi as she feels restless since she returned from RV's house.

She further mentions Ranbir saying he would have taken care of everything but since he is not there, she asks for the strength to take care of everyone.

Meanwhile, Deepika finds Monisha in RV's room as she wakes her up and tells her that she is a daydreamer.

He further warns her saying that she doesn't know what might be happening there with RV and Purvi while Monisha laughs and says she had a plan B but doesn't need it because plan A is a success.

Concurrently, RV gets tired and says he won't lift her anymore while Purvi tells him that he has to lift her.

RV starts walking ignoring her but as he turns around, he doesn't find her there. He starts searching for her while Purvi has been kidnapped and calls for RV as they threaten her.

He finally finds her as the kidnappers challenge him. He says to them that they have kidnapped the wrong person as she is trouble and they get into an argument.

The kidnappers ask them to shut up while RV asks her to hand her jwelleries to them but Purvi refuses saying they are given by Prachi.

They again get into an argument while RV asks them to let them go.

RV says that he is already stuck with Purvi and he doesn't want them to get in trouble while the kidnappers too share that the reason behind all the troubles is a wife.

They ask RV to leave. However, RV says to Purvi while she thanks him and they continue walking.

Back at the home, Dadi talks to herself saying she is relieved to see RV happy, and expresses her gratitude for his happy life while Dadu comes and asks her what she is murmuring.

Dadi says she was thinking about RV and Purvi and wishes that they have a kid when they return while Dadu flirts with Dadi.

Dadi gets shy and asks him to stay away while Dadu asks her to cook tea for him.

On the flip side, RV says that the main highway is 20 kilometers away while Purvi suggests walking till there and they decide to ask for a lift.

Meanwhile, they spot a mansion where they plan to stay but it is a haunted mansion.

Elsewhere, Monisha waits for RV to return as Deepika says that it seems like today is not Purvi's but Monisha's honeymoon with RV.

Subsequently, Purvi and RV enter the Mansion while he scares her as she is already scared.

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