Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi saying she is tired and in pain so she can't walk while Rajvansh asks her to not expect that he'll pick her up in his arms, to which Purvi asks him if he doesn't have the power to pick her up.

Further, Rajvansh says he only lifts dumbbells while Purvi orders him to pick her up but Rajvansh demands her to request him first.

After that, Purvi acts to request Rajvansh so he picks her up and comments on her wait, while they share a romantic moment.

There, Prachi prays to god and thanks him for giving her strength for giving a good upbringing to Purvi and Khushi.

She asks god to always keep Purvi happy and says that she has not got good vibes from Monisha ever since she met her, as if she isn't like she seems and Purvi shouldn't bear that in her life what she faced.

Further, she asks god to give Purvi all the happiness in life even her share of happiness as she feels always worried about being a single parent and if Ranbir had been there, she wouldn't have needed to worry.

On the other hand, Deepika sees Monisha sleeping in Rajvansh's room and scolds her for the same.

After that, she warns her that Rajvansh and Purvi are still on their honeymoon and are alone on a lonely highway while Monisha asks Deepika why she thinks that she would make only one plan when she has a backup plan, so Rajvansh would celebrate his honeymoon only with her.

There, Rajvansh makes Purvi stand again after being tired and says he can't pick her up more as she is heavy.

Then, he goes from there leaving Purvi but then turning back to check on her but finds Purvi missing.

After that, he finds Purvi surrounded by goons, and they banter again while Rajvansh asks Purvi to give her jewelry to goons to get freed, to which Purvi refuses saying it's given by her mom Prachi and it's her blessings.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh asks her to prioritize her life over jewelry, after which the goons get frustrated by their fights and state they are fighting like husband and wife, to which Rajvansh and Purvi confirm it.

Further, Rajvansh requests them to let them go but the goons ask him to go, after which Rajvansh takes a goon aside and cooks up a story but he doesn't believe him and starts to trouble Purvi for jewelry.

However, Rajvansh makes the goons shoo away by ringing the police siren on his phone and fooling them.

After that, Rajvansh tells Purvi the same and asks her to thank him so she does the same, and they proceed on their journey.

There, Dadu and Dadi wish a good time for Rajvansh and Purvi and a happy life ahead, after which they share some romantic moments.

Meanwhile, Monisha plans to spend romantic time with Rajvansh once he's back.

On the other hand, Rajvansh and Purvi are still walking and nowhere to reach, also they don't get a lift.

Further, a biker does chit-chat with them while Purvi finds an old house to spend the night, to which the biker warns them that there is a ghost.

This makes Purvi scared but Rajvansh goes there anyway so Purvi has to follow him.

Later, they come into that dark and old house where Rajvansh scares Purvi and she starts reciting Hanuman Chalisa after that.

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