Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2023 episode starts with Abhay telling Akshay that if he continues with his eccentricity towards Prachi she'll leave him one day leading Akshay to slap him.

Ranbir interrogates Prachi

Realising what he's done, Akshay apologizes to Abhay following which Abhay forgives him and at the same time, Akshay resolves not to spare Ranbir.

After a while, in the dining room, Prachi switches off the lights and heads towards her bedroom but is interrupted by Ranbir.

She attempts to walk away but Ranbir asks her why's she staying with Akshay despite knowing that he's not a good person.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she's married to Akshay leading Ranbir to call it out on her face that she's lying.

He adds that when she was drunk she confessed that she was not married to Akshay which makes Prachi guilty.

However, brushing off her guilt Prachi attempts to walk away again from Ranbir but he holds her by the hand, confessing that he loves her.

Vishakha spoils Ranbir's plans

Prachi and Ranbir look at each other emotionally while unbeknownst to them, Vishakha switches on the lights.

This makes Prachi and Ranbir come to their senses after which Vishakha asks Ranbir and Prachi about being in the dining room despite being in their bedrooms.

Ranbir tells Vishakha that Prachi was on her way to the bedroom but slipped during which he had caught hold of her.

Prachi agrees after which she asks Vishakha if she needs something leading Vishakha to tell her that she needs a balm for her headache after which Prachi walks away.

Ranbir tries to follow Prachi but is held on by Vishakha who asks him about the wedding and how it should be conducted focusing on themes.

Hearing this, Ranbir tells Vishakha that she can add in whatever she wants since she's older but Vishakha insists she join him to discuss about the wedding further.

She adds that since his room is in her direction she'll discuss the wedding with her, leading Ranbir to understand that he'll not be able to talk to Prachi.

Prachi gets worried

The next morning, Prachi does puja during which Divya tells her to notice Mihika for the first time, doing puja.

Both look at Mihika who on the other hand, thank god for bringing Ranbir into her life, adding that she can't live without him.

This makes Prachi worried after which Mihika notices Divya and Prachi looking at her and asks them about what are they looking at.

Divya mentions that they were looking at her doing puja after which Mihika and she walk away with Prachi following them.

Akshay argues with the Tandons

Afterwards, breakfast preparations are on during which Vishakha adds that she'll die of hunger today but Manpreet comes just in time stating that since she likes her poha warm, she is attending to it.

Ranbir comes in leading Manpreet to ask him to sit down and eat making Ranbir deem Manpreet's behaviour as formality but Manpreet states it is love.

Akshay comes in and seeing everyone showering their love on Ranbir adds that they can make a statue of him after which they can worship it.

Mihika comes in stating that the prasad of her puja will be available after some time making Akshay applaud sarcastically for her.

This makes the Tandons lose their nerves and ask Akshay to stop taunting Mihika and Ranbir but Akshay doesn't stop.

Ranbir confesses his feelings towards Prachi 

He states that he's not going to let Mihika marry Ranbir after which he tells the family that they haven't seen Ranbir's real face yet.

Akshay then goes up to Vishakja and asks her to place her opinion about Ranbir and his feelings for Prachi.

This makes Vishakha remember that she had seen Ranbir and Prachi together but brushes it off stating that the tailors will come to decide the mehendi clothes.

She orders Akshay to sit down but Akshay goes forth to fight Ranbir who states that he has a lot of respect for Prachi.

This leads Mihika to come in and support Ranbir during which Akshay asks her if she's going to go against him.

Mihika states that she'll go against him if needed adding, that no matter how hard he tries to separate her and Ranbir, they'll get married.

Pallavi dismisses Vikram's worry

At Dadi's, Vikram tells Pallavi that Mihika's not the right girl for Ranbir since her traits match that of Rhea adding that she's not in love but obsessed about Ranbir.

However, Pallavi dismisses Vikram's statement stating that Mihika truly loves Ranbir after which she confronts Vikram about his statement against Mihika and walks away.

Akshay acts smart

On the other hand, a designer comes into the Tandons according to Mihika's orders to choose clothes for Janmashtami after which the Tandons choose clothes for themselves.

Akshay shoves a yellow dress on Prachi stating that it'd look good on her making Ranbir state that Prachi looks good in everything.

Later, Ranbir gives an orange dress to Prachi stating that it'll look good on her but Prachi states that she'll wear the dress chosen by Akshay.

She insists Ranbir let Mihika wear the dress he's chosen, making Akshay satisfied while Ranbir goes to take a call.

After the call, Akshay tells Ranbir that Prachi is his adding that they're married, making Ranbir irritated.

In the kitchen, Prachi works and Ranbir noticing her comes towards her but Prachi protesting his advances, moves away from him.

Ranbir insists Prachi to tell the truth

However, he gets hold of her thus making her calm after which he asks her about why's she lying to him about loving him since she has already confessed that she does love him.

Prachi tells Ranbir that he can't hurt Mihika's feelings but Ranbir adds that he doesn't want to marry Mihika.

Hearing this, Prachi accuses Ranbir of being irresponsible but Ranbir states that he's helpless due to Mihika hurting herself.

He then tells Prachi to tell the truth about why's she with Akshay while Prachi looks at him guiltily.

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