Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 episode starts with Prachi's boss waiting anxiously to meet her and tells his secretary that Prachi never shares her pain with anyone. 

Just then, Prachi arrives and tells him that he should not have worried for her. 

Meanwhile, the boss plays cool and tells her that he was not worried for her but only came here because he was getting bored. 

Telling her to rest, he expresses his happiness on seeing Prachi fine. 

Later, he hugs her and tells Prachi that he is there for her.

Meanwhile, Khushi watches the moon while Ranbir also watches it from his window. 

Later, Prachi also comes to the window to watch the moon and addresses her lost Panchi, saying she loves her the most in the world. 

Khushi recalls being touched and cared for by Prachi and Ranbir and tells the moon that she liked it a lot.

Meanwhile, Ranbir talks with the moon and tells it that he is not convinced that Prachi was his imagination. 

Meanwhile, Prachi tells the moon to take care of Panchi while Ranbir requests the moon to take care of Prachi and Panchi and bring them back together. 

The next morning, Khushi’s friend, Juhi, asks about her terrorist adventure. 

Khushi tells her to not disturb her and let her write. 

Juhi asks her if she believes in fortune while Khushi tells her that it is true only when you believe in it.

Juhi presents Khushi with one of the flower with fortune note saying, she wants to see if it comes true for her or not.

Seeing the note, Khushi wonders who else loves her the most and whom she will be meeting today. 

Just then, Prachi's car stops there and she asks Khushi what she is doing here.

Khushi tells Prachi that she is preparing an order for the hotel. 

Later, Prachi observes Khushu's torn clothes and makes an excuse about shopping for clothes herself. 

Khushi tells her that she does not want any new clothes. 

Prachi tells her that she is like a mother to her and if a mother tells her daughter that they will go shopping for clothes, then the daughter agrees without any fuss. 

Khushi finally gets convinced and goes with Prachi. 

Meanwhile, Kaya is talking on the phone when Ranbir comes into her office. 

Hearing Kaya threaten an employee, Ranbir asks her why is she so strict and rude. 

Kaya tells him that she does not want to be taken advantage of and she deals with people according to the treatment they deserve.

Hearing Ranbir babble, Kaya tells him to not pass the comment on to her and tells him to follow her. 

Ranbir tells her that he does not work for her but Kaya tells him that the company that he works for has been bought by her father.

Ranbir looks shocked to hear the news while Kaya tells him that everyone comes to work for them out of their choice but can leave only when she allows. 

Kaya also tells him that his time to leave the company has not come yet and will only go when she will deem fit. 

Meanwhile, Prachi and Khushi are shopping in the mall. 

Khushi selects a dress for Prachi while Prachi tells her that she will select her clothes. 

Meanwhile, Kaya comes to the same shopping centre with Ranbir where Khushi and Prachi are shopping.  

Prachi feels Ranbir’s presence but shrugs and goes away while Ranbir also feels Prachi’s presence and looks around for her. 

Meanwhile, Khushi is busy selecting dresses for Prachi when she turns around and cannot find her. 

The salesman goes to get Prachi while Kaya looks for Ranbir who is not following her. 

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