Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 episode starts with Mihika asking Ranbir to go tell everyone about her phone call while Ranbir agrees because he thinks it's a wonderful plan.

As Ranbir leaves, Mihika stands by the balcony muttering to herself that Ranbir is a sweet and charming guy that any girl would fall in love with.

Meanwhile, Prachi is wandering around the hall when Akshay appears and asks her about her disturbed attitude.

Prachi approaches Akshay and asks him to cancel Ranbir and Mihika's wedding because she believes something is wrong with Ranbir.

Akshay is surprised and informs Prachi about how she previously supported Ranbir to Mihika and insisted she marry him.

Prachi explains she only said such things to help Mihika feel better.

Prachi argues that Ranbir taking good care of Mihika is not the only reason for them to force Mihika to marry Ranbir although Akshay claims to know Ranbir well and refers to him as a "all-rounder."

Prachi continues to fight, claiming that she knows Ranbir better than anyone else and nagging Akshay to call off the wedding.

Akshay calms her down and promises that he will at least try to convince Ashok to call it off.

Prachi approves and leaves but Manpreet approaches Akshay and informs him about her suspecting that Prachi is merely looking for Mihika to back out of the marriage because Ranbir was previously associated with her sister.

Akshay denies it and defends Prachi, claiming that Prachi genuinely cares about Mihika.

Meanwhile, Vishaka summons everyone to the hall as the puja is about to begin while everyone stands in line to observe the Arti ceremony.

Manpreet advises Prachi that she doesn't need to be concerned about Mihika and encourages her to give Ranbir the benefit of the doubt before absolutely rejecting him.

The priest, on the other hand, requests that the newlyweds and engaged couples take rounds of the Goddess to commemorate their journey.

Meanwhile, Akshay and Ranbir fervently hope for some disruption to occur in the middle so that the rounds stop in the middle.

Akshay begins the rounds by holding Prachi's hand while Ranbir begins the rounds by holding Mihika's hand.

Vishika simultaneously begins wedding ceremonies on her phone to stir the mood while justifying that one pair is already married and the other is set to marry.

Prachi becomes more nervous as a result while Ranbir stares anxiously at Mihika.

However, the priest orders Vishaka to turn off the phone because he wants to conduct the ceremonies himself, however, the light goes off in the middle.

When Akshay and Ranbir go to check on it they are shocked to see the fuse stored separate from the outlet in the electrical room.

Meanwhile, Divya and Neha allege that someone must have cut the electrical line to stop the rites while Akshay and Ranbir arrive and inform everyone that someone removed the fuse from the electrical board on purpose.

The priest instructs Ranbir and Mihika to finish their rituals when Ranbir coughs and exits to drink water.

As Ranbir walks, he recalls directing the elderly electrician to remove the agreed-upon fuse from the board.

Ranbir walks over to the man and approaches him, thanking him for the task he has requested and handing him money.

The man rejects it and tells Ranbir, with a smile, that he is a Punjabi and Tandon is from a poor family.

Further, he mocks this generation of couples for not respecting ancient traditions and customs.

This makes Ranbir giggle when Prachi confronts Ranbir with the electrician.

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