Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2023 episode starts with Mihika scolding Prachi for feeding Ranbir spicy parathas when Prachi feeds a sweet to Ranbir.

Manpreet tears up

Just then, Mihika pushes Prachi away, attending to Ranbir and after a while, Ashok takes her along with him.

Meanwhile, Ranbir tells everyone that he's fine, while inside, Ashok scolds Mihika for misbehaving with Prachi.

However, Mihika adamantly states that she did the right thing since Prachi hurt Ranbir when Manpreet enters.

Ashok walks away, while Manpreet confronts Mihika about misbehaving with Prachi when Akshay comes in.

Akshay tells Mihika that Manpreet loves Prachi more than her and tells Manpreet that she is a bad mother.

Manpreet tears up, while Akshay goes away, leading Mihika to go away too, when Prachi who had been hearing the conversation, attempts to console Manpreet.

Ranbir and Prachi hug Manpreet

Later, Prachi while working in the kitchen sees Manpreet and asks her if she would like some tea.

However, Manpreet brings up Mihika's conversation and Prachi tells her that Mihika is true, since she does love Prachi more.

Prachi tells Manpreet that she's like Pragya, leading the duo to hug, while from outside, Ranbeer watching them hug joins in too.

Both of them hug Manpreet lovingly, making her smile while on the other hand, Mihika frustratedly cries and breaks everything in her room.

Divya suggests Prachi's killing

Amidst this, Divya enters and attends to Mihika, who accuses Prachi of snatching Ranbir away from her.

Divya asks Mihika if she's sure, leading Mihika to tell Divya that she's sure of it, after which Mihika plans to kill herself. 

Mihika decides to throw herself from the window, but Divya stops her and states they should kill Prachi.

Mihika tells Divya to send Prachi to the kitchen under the pretext of making khichdi, and Divya agrees after which they walk forward.

Downstairs, Ranbir applauds Akshay for changing his behaviour towards him.

Akshay tells Ranbir that he sent him to jail since he thought he was doing wrong, but later realised that he's good.

Akshay opens up

Ashok applauds Akshay for his realization, after which he leaves, thus leading Ranbeer to ask Akshay if he's truly changed.

Akshay tells Ranbir that he has done everything for Prachi since she means a lot to him when Ranbir gets a call.

Ranbir walks aside, leading Akshay to smirk, while Mihika and Divya stealthily reach the kitchen. 

Mihika opens the gas plug 

Divya keeps a check outside, while Mihika opens the gas plug from the cylinder, after which she reaches Divya and both of them go away.

In the room, Ashok wonders what went wrong in Mihika and Akshay's upbringing, while Manpreet tells him that after a while children take care of their parents.

However, Ashok tells Manpreet that Akshay and Mihika are of a different breed when Vishaka passes by the room.

Manpreet notices Vishaka, who then comes inside and asks Ashok what's the matter, leading Ashok to confess about Mihika and Akshay going the wrong way.

Vishaka opens up

Ashok tells Vishaka that he will not tolerate such behaviour when he gets a message and he worriedly walks out.

Meanwhile, Manpreet asks Vishaka to talk to Akshay and Mihika since they respect her.

Vishaka states that Akshay and Mihika come to her since she hides things, leading Manpreet to be confused, when Vishaka tells her that Akshay fidgeted with the brakes in Prachi's car.

Later, Mihika asks Divya how she got the gas burst idea, leading Divya to state that she got it from Mihika doing it 7 years back.

This terrifies Mihika, leading Divya to stabilize her, after which she goes to Prachi.

Divya enters Prachi's s room telling Prachi to make khichdi for Manpreet when Prachi agrees.

She walks up to Mihika , and after a while both of them see Prachi walking upto the kitchen.

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