Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2023 episode starts with Beena asking Purvi to cook food for them.

Diya objects to it and says they are here to have dinner not to cook.

Ashutosh says that's right, but guests should also know, how Purvi cooks, as it'll make her first impression good.

Beena agrees with him and says exactly what Ashutosh said to her that Purvi cooks amazing food.

Prachi is shocked by it and decides to cook with Poorvi while Bina says Prachi should come with them to attend to guests and Purvi will cook.

Purvi assures Prachi that she will handle it alone leading Bina to take Manpreet and Prachi from there.

Further, Diya complains to Purvi about Ashutosh's family, questioning their way of hosting the guests as they call them for dinner and ask to cook the food.

Purvi says it's okay they are family and she would be happy if they'd have her cooked food.

Diya prays to god, asking him why Purvi doesn't understand that they are not good people, and asks god to fix everything.

There outside, Ashutosh's Dadi gets happy with the fact that Purvi is cooking and praises Bina for her idea as Purvi's real place is the kitchen only after the marriage.

They ask Ashutosh to go and tell Purvi to make tea for them before food, and Ashutosh feels shy.

Meanwhile, Purvi comes there and asks the same, making Ashutosh's family happy.

Ashutosh's Dadi says Purvi is good and they can't understand why people say bad about Purvi.

Prachi asks about the rumours to which Dadi says people suggest not letting Ashutosh marry Purvi as she doesn't have Dad so she doesn't know limits and morals.

Sheela adds what people gossip about Purvi, and if Ashutosh breaks the alliance with her, then she has to be unmarried forever which hurts Prachi and she goes from there.

Elsewhere, Jasbeer spots Rajvansh in the parking lot, Rajvansh goes from there taking his car while Jasbeer chases him.

Prachi cries coming into the room while Manpreet consoles her when Prachi says she can't listen to anything wrong about Purvi as she is proud of her.

She adds that this marriage is so important for Purvi, while Manpreet asks why she is saying so in the current time.

Prachi says nothing has changed for girls in society, even today people are bashing Purvi for Jasbeer's deeds, they are agreeing to Ashutosh's family's every demand even dowry.

Purvi listens to it and feels hurt.

Manpreet asks Prachi to stop crying as Purvi might be waiting for them for tea.

There, Harleen worries for Rajvansh only then does his elder brother come and Harleen asks him why he didn't bring Rajvansh with him as she is getting a feeling like 3 years back.

Rajvansh's brother consoles her and makes her talk with Rajvansh when Rajvansh says he is on the way.

Purvi shares her worry with Diya and says she won't let her and Ashutosh's alliance get cancelled at any cost and asks her to stop talking about Rajvansh from now on.

There, Rajvansh talks with his dad and says he'll come home after doing work, asking him to console Harleen, in the meantime.

Meanwhile, Jasbeer continues to chase him.

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