Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2023 episode starts with Ranbir praying to God not to let Prachi catch him while Prachi wonders that she is truly aware of Rambir's intentions.


Prachi gets a flashback of their initial college days when she once caught Mandir hiding his face with a handkerchief while praying in a temple.

Prachi recognises Ranbeer and pulls off his handkerchief revealing him as he gets embarrassed.

Ranbir pulls Prachi aside and requests her not to disclose this fact to anyone while Prachi banters with him and they involve in a quarrel.

He threatens he will spread a rumor that Prachi is his girlfriend which will bring down her reputation while Prachi laughs that she will never love him.

Prachi questions why he wants to hide this fact to which Ranbir hesitates to share but reveals that he does not want to destroy his goon-like bad-boy image in the college.

He states he has always been interested in worship and pujas doing it secretly to keep up his reputation in college to which Prachi agrees.

Prachi returns to reality and determines to prove Ranbir wrong.

Later, the other guest couples complete their pheras and take Panditji's blessing.

Meanwhile, Prachi expresses that they all could not witness Mihika and Ranbir's Phera's as the light was gone.

She states they have done everything so grandly so they should also conduct Mihika's Phera's again properly.

Ranbir tries to round off the topic by saying that he heartily wants Prachi and Akshay to take the Phera's again to deepen their bond.

Prachi redirects the topic to them by saying that they are the only unmarried couple left, making Vishaka agree.


She drags both of them while they both take the Pheras when Prachi wonders that Ranbir will not let this happen if something is suspicious between them.

Meanwhile, Ranbir thinks of stopping the Phera's when he pretends to stumble and falls over the auspicious Kalash stand, unfurling them all.

Vishaka scolds him for acting like an immature guy when Ranbir keeps the Kalash by his heart and grabs Mihika's hand to take the rounds.

He intentionally takes 8 Pheras and states that it does not matter while Vishaka bashes him saying that he has made a joke out of the rituals and leaves agitated.

Akshay follows her to please while Prachi and Mihika wonder where Ranbir went.


Elsewhere, Ranbir wonders why Prachi was sad and that it seems something is missing in her and Akshay's relationship.

Meanwhile, Prachi searches for Ranbir to show her that she is happy being married to Akshay as she feels Ranbir doubts her.

She further thinks that Ranbir knocked off the Kalesh knowingly to halt the Phera's and proclaims that now she is sure that Ranbir is fooling them all.

On the other hand, Ranbir gets assured that Prachi is fooling everyone in the house.

Meanwhile, Vishaka shouts that Akshay telling she is sure that Ranbir is a trickster and a mysterious guy who is fooling their innocent Mihika.

Akshaya asks her to ignore silly things being the elder and explains not everyone loves each other equally.

Vishaka mocks him that even his relationship is doubtful and leaves him agitated.

Later, the cousin's sister encircles Mihika and teases her with Ranbir's name.


Ranbir walks towards them but stares at Prachi blankly recalling their romantic moments.

He asks the sisters to rather tease him and not their innocent sister while the girls ask him if he has a younger brother and leave.

Mihika tells she will get jealous and thanks him that he handled the situation.

Prachi comes in asking why she is thanking him while Ranbir rounds off the topic saying for the 8 pheras.

As Mihika leaves, Ranbir states that he no longer believes in such rituals as they never blessed him with even 1 birth of being happily with the one he loves.

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